~By Wendy Zangari
Having felt time and time again that life has thrown me a wave.  A wave of disillusion, A wave of uncertainty. Not today, today I ride the wave with dignity and knowing that what I am doing is the right thing for myself and humanity. Knowing what is right in my heart, versus thinking what is right. Understanding my love for Gaia and all of it’s inhabitants.
Feeling the wind brush back my hair and the ocean breeze touching my skin, I stand here knowing that the world we live in, is not necessarily the world we came from. I look to the Moon and the Stars and worshiping them as they glimmer in the deep sky night. My feet buried in the sand, meshed in between my toes, warm from the suns rays earlier in the day. I render my thoughts carefully. I see my thoughts run through my mind, like a holographic movie that I am immersed in, from the outside, looking in. I see the beauty of the ocean blue, I see the mountains touch the clouds, beauty is all around touching my soul as I beam with such vibrancy and brilliance. My heart is filled with all that surrounds me, all that I love, all that I cherish, and all that I have to hope for.
My Guides show me the way, they have shown me the way all along, they have shown me my pre-destined path, they understand me, love me unconditionally, and give me strength when I fall. I stand here today, tall, knowing that I am protected, protected from all that I cannot see, protected from all that is evil. I have had experiences in my life that I have let these things bother me, but no longer. These entities are long gone and cannot penetrate the being I have become. This is where my duality is compartmentalized. One thing I learned at a very young age was to compartmentalize, but at times I found it very difficult. Not anymore, something I have been working on my whole life.
I spent most of my days in a cemetery, that was across the street from where I lived. I spoke to those that have passed, one of which was a friend of mine that was hit by a car on Hallows Eve (Samhain). She was 10 years old, when she was killed, and it was the very first funeral I went to. She was one of my very best friends and I couldn’t even stand in the same place where everyone was standing, in front of the grave site. So I stood behind a tree about 100 yards away. I was sad, I didn’t want anyone to see my sadness, my despair. After everyone left, I went up to her grave site and said that I loved her and that I didn’t want to go on without her. That was the last time I went to her grave site until I was 18 years old.
When I came back again, this time, older, wiser, and it had been 7 years already since she was killed, I went to her grave site and sat down and spent the whole afternoon with her telling her what has happened so far in my life. It felt good to finally talk to her again, because I blamed myself for her death. That was the first year and the only year in my childhood that I refused to go Trick or Treating. I told my Mom that I had a very very bad feeling and I didn’t know what it was and I felt that I shouldn’t go. So, last minute I called my friends up and told them that I couldn’t go with them, I didn’t tell them why, I just said I didn’t feel good. I held that inside all those years and it even extended into my adult years until I forgave myself, which was a hard feat to tackle.
I was enlightened then, at 18 years old, that was over 20 years ago now, and I know the things I saw and the things I felt were real. I trusted my instinct from the time I was young, even though I was always the one to rust the squeaky wheel. I was always trying to speak my mind, tell everyone what I thought, and when I got too loud or people stopped listening, I got louder, but that didn’t work either, so frustration and anger held my household hostage. I blamed myself for many years, wondering if I was the problem, but realized I was just a product of the problem. Not the problem itself. I started growing, learning, being on my own, stumbling, making many mistakes, failing in everything that I did or touched. Then I grew up, I learned that it was me that creating that energy of negative matter. Now people respond to me differently. They look at me in awe, in amazement, not sure why, but I don’t question it anymore.
Last week I was at the Shopping Plaza and as I was coming out of the store, a woman that was sitting in the passenger seat of a car in a handicap zone, kept staring at me. I didn’t know why, it didn’t even feel creepy, it was nice. I looked all around me to see if she was in fact staring at me and there were no other cars near or parked around me, so yes, she was in fact looking at me. I waved to her and smiled. She still sat there, with an expression I don’t think I have seen before. She seemed to look at me with amazement, but it wasn’t amazement, there is no word to describe. I felt a beam of light just fill my heart and I smiled and put on my sunglasses and drove home to tell my husband.
Amazing things are happening all around us, if we stop to smell the roses, we might just be able to connect with our Higher Power, Higher Beings, Higher Self Consciousness. We emit the light and the light emits you. Give your heart to everyone, enjoy the warmth that it envelops you with. Live with hope, love, and faith.

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