Thanks to Brenda for making me aware of this article. I am so appreciative that you made us aware. G_D Bless you!
To feel abundance is to feel secure with yourself and your surroundings, it is something not to be taken for granted. Life is not to be taken for granted, just as wealth should not be taken for granted.  There are very different forms of wealth. You can feel wealthy in your bank account, or you could feel wealthy inside your soul and have no money at all. You can also have a lot of money and not feel as though you need to spend it frivolously and spend it wisely.  You can also have no money at all, not even a dime, be out on the street, which I was once when I was nineteen years old, but it was by choice.
When I moved out of my house, after I flunked out of my first year of college.  Going to college was not my choice, but I digress. After the summer that I flunked out of my first year in college and the first semester of my second year of college, I moved out.  I was not meant to be there, I was meant to do greater things.  During that time I had to find myself, I was nineteen, out in the world alone with my keyboard, that was in a carry bag, on my shoulder, and a backpack with clothes and shoes just for a few days at a time. I knew humble.
When I would stop in twice a day at the food kitchen to have my meals.  I met many people in those 6 months that I lived in the homeless shelter.  One guy in particular, who was a Vietnam Veteran, who I kindly asked to sit down with at the food kitchen. He had dirt all over his face and under his finger nails, but I loved him no matter what; I sat across from him and we spoke and ate, we had a great time sharing stories. Unfortunately neither of our stories were very pretty and then we had nothing else to say.  I gave him $5.00, because I had $10.00 in my pocket from selling some CD’s.  I told him to eat with that money when the food kitchens are closed and you are still hungry. He was worried about me, but I showed him that I had another $5.00 and he smiled and we shook hands.  What a wonderful man!  I left there that day all bright and full of light.
When I went to the Salvation Army and bought myself a pant suit and nice shoes for $2.00, I was ecstatic.  I went to look for jobs.  I wore it every day and washed it every 2 days.  I would iron those clothes every day, they would look their best and I would present well. When I eventually got myself three jobs, which I was not expecting, I was amazed. I traveled all over by bus and the Massachusetts Transit at the time.  It was extremely easy to get to all of my jobs from the homeless shelter.  When I had enough money saved up, I got out of the homeless shelter and rented a room in a boarding house down the street.  I had to share a bathroom, but I had my own place, it was one room, but it was mine.  I worked hard for that room.  We even had a maid come in and clean every day and the owner of the house was the greeter when you walked in. Amazing! I was so blessed.
Please, if you can, keep my experiences, let it transcend through you as you read this article; to understand that you can be happy with nothing, because I didn’t see it as nothing, it was everything.  I saw it as making it all on my own, by myself, and something that I worked hard for.  It was just a room, a small room and I had to share a bathroom, but I was happy!
~Wendy/Ready For The Shift
Principles of Abundance
by Almine
Comprehension and perception have always been the means of silencing our fears – fears of survival, of a depression or of lack.
Instead of succumbing to the fears of the masses and becoming vulnerable to manipulation by those who stand to gain from economic chaos, let us stand in mastery. Awareness of the principles that form the foundation of an abundant and prosperous life will help achieve this.
Let us not lend strength to dire predictions of economic collapse. We are the creators of our own destiny. A re-vamping of our lives away from the debt-ridden sham that our economy has become is inevitable. We can weather the storm and thrive.
(1 – 46, Excerpted from the online course, Interstellar Mysticism, beginning Feb. 1, 2010. See )
1. Acknowledgement of the source of all abundance as ourselves giving to ourselves increases the flow.
2. The unbalanced flow of abundance is an illusion. We have always had access to all abundance.
3. Let our daily mantra be “I am abundance.”
4. To consider the recipient’s worth when giving is to close the sluices of our supply, for to deny another’s worth is to deny ourself.
5. To think of money as a base currency is to forget that all that exists is the One Life.
6. The illusion of relationship is a game for the sake of delight. Money is a man-made game within a game and should also be for delight.
7. Abundance is living within your means with grace. It has nothing to do with how much you have or earn.
8. The viewpoint that money must be earned reduces the possibility that it can come from other sources.
9. Treating ourselves with abundant care and nurturing is the first step to an abundant life.
10. The true currency of an abundant life is elegance combined with grace born of self-respect and is available to all.
11. Treat money with respect. It is the thread that weaves together the tapestry of human societies.
12. Send a blessing with the money you spend, that it may bless the fisherman and statesman alike.
13. Money is the man-made lifeblood of society. It circulates, bringing back to you that which you send out with it.
14. When we see our monetary resources as our security, we deny that our being is our sustenance.
15. When money becomes the measuring stock of our achievements, our desire for wealth becomes an obsession.
16. To desire to live abundantly is as natural as the fish desiring the ocean. Money is only a small part of abundance.
17. Be lavish with yourself with those things that bring you joy. Awareness helps us find joy in simple pleasures.
18. To regret the loss of resources is to deny that we are the creators of our lives and can create as much abundance again.
19. Some feel guilt at having ‘too much’ and others at having ‘too little’. Guilt clogs the arteries of supply.
20. Some acquire to live, others live to acquire. In both instances acquisition has become a need rather than a joy.
21. As the One Life, we are all things; there is nothing to become. When we strive for more we perpetuate impoverishment.
22. Vigorously uproot belief systems that indoctrinate with perceive status symbols and fabricated needs.
23. The weight of comparisons will impede us as we dance with the abundance of life.
24. Comparisons will either make us feel poor or guilty because we think we have more. Each one has manifested their life in divine perfection. Let us honor this.
25. In seeing the poverty of another we are observing an impoverished part of ourselves. Fix within what is imperfect without.
26. When we bargain we bar ourselves from gain. The law of compensation decrees that life too will then short-change us.
27. Spend only what you have so that you do not become the slave of dysfunctional needs.
28. Budgets are sluices that block the torrential flow of abundance. Plan, but hold lightly to your plans and expect abundant surprises.
29. As you wish for abundance, ask for the world if that is what you want. If your desire is not met, no matter – it was not a need but a preference.
30. Stagnation of resources comes from ruts. Let the adventure of life unfold anew in your life daily.
31. If you desire flow to come to your life, do not hoard. Donate that which you do not use and throw away clutter.
32. See yourself as a steward of your possessions. Treat them with respect and repair rather than replace whenever practical.
33. Those who take in greed deplete not only themselves but others as well.
34. Taking resources for granted depletes them. All things dwindle in the face of ingratitude.
35. When we approach anything with the question of ‘What is the most I can get?’, scarcity arises. Let us approach food with appreciation rather than a need for nutrition.
36. When we listen to our inner rhythms our lives become fertile. Barrenness arises when we do not listen to the song of our heart.
37. Loss of possessions is viewed by some as equivalent to loss of life. It is often the catalyst to deeper living and vitality.
38. Simplicity is not more enlightened than a life of complexity. It just removes the temptation of having our possessions possess us.
39. Find the true pleasures of life. Man, having lost touch with what brings him joy, substitutes the veneer of purchased sophistication.
40. Live life as a work of art. Let an attitude of graceful creativity enliven your financial affairs.
41. Paint life with a large brushstroke, but do not neglect the details. So too in financial affairs where small leakages can drain the reservoir of resources.
42. In times of scarcity know it to be a temporary re-grouping that will reveal what really matters.
43. When resources are scarce, let innovation blossom. This in itself can be a form of creativity shared with others.
44. Adversity can teach us and our family more than many years of prosperity only if we enthusiastically pick up the gauntlet.
45. Life cannot take away without compensating us. A hole cannot be made in the ocean. Watch for new areas of abundance.
46. It is through asking for what we want, while appreciating what we have, that we live the most powerful law of abundance.

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