~By Wendy Zangari
As a child, I was always looking up at the stars, watching them glimmer in beauty, wondering if I could go “there” someday. I didn’t know where “there” was, I just knew I wanted in on the secret to the stars. I would ask questions to my parents over and over again about where Human Beings came from.  There are many different theories out there and this was not one of them, I finally found out where I am from and what I am doing here on Planet Gaia.  I am a Starseed Hybrid of the 3rd wave, I am an Angel of Light with a silver ray and a magenta hue, I came from Andromeda, among other places. Orion is my original home and I have been to almost every planet in the Universe. I am assisting Gaia on her ascension of light.
When I was ten years old, I found a rock, it was not any ordinary rock, it was a space rock. Something I couldn’t identify with any Geological information at all. I received this rock from myself, in another time and space, right before the City put a park in that area a year later. This is what I have come up with, this is my truth, this is my world.  I came here to help, I came to give the world a heads up as to what is happening in our Earth World, as we see it crumble.
Imagine if you took a bowling ball and drilled a bunch of holes into that ball, making it turn into dust eventually and it will no longer be round or of any substance.  The people that drill Gaia, are drilling Gaia’s blood.  This is something that I am trying to save the planet from, from it’s own destruction.  You ask how?  By informing the people, informing them of truths, of what else is out there and maybe jar open some of your own truths. I don’t want to rely on Gaia’s body for that, I want to rely on her for the trees that provide oxygen, so we can breathe on our planet.  I want to rely on her for the sweet smell of the flowers, she has gifted us.  I want to rely on the soil and water for growth, that is Gaia providing nutrients to us.  I want to explore Gaia and let her know I love her and all that she inhabits. I want her to know that I am smelling the roses, I am feeling the wind in my hair, I am working with it’s nutrient soil.  This is our planet, let’s not ruin what we started. We love Planet Earth!  We can work together to make a difference.
Planets around other Stars
Did you know that about 200 planets have been discovered around distant stars? The first planet found to be orbiting a star like our Sun was announced in 1995. Since then astronomers have continued to find new planets outside of our solar system, at a rate of more than one new planet every month!The star and its planet orbit around each other. The planet moves in a wide orbit, while the star just appears to wobble slightly. By measuring the Doppler shift of the light coming from the star, scientists can detect the tiny motion caused by the planet. Most of the distant planets were discovered this way.
If we are lucky, some of the planets can pass in front of their star. This blocks out some of the light that we usually see from the star, briefly making it dimmer. It’s like a solar eclipse, but the planet only covers a small part of the star. Only a few planets outside our solar system pass in front of their stars.
All of the distant planets are too far away to see directly. We can only see their effect on the star that they orbit.
This next part is about Andromeda, where most of us came from.  This star is only seen in Autumn, it is a bright star and with a telescope can be seen to a magnificent view. Andromeda also has a history in Greek Mythology, as they followed the stars to guide their paths. ~Wendy/Ready For The Shift
Andromeda is an autumn constellation found next to Pegasus. Click on image for full size Windows to the Universe original imageAndromeda
Andromeda is a “V” shaped constellation best viewed in the fall if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. Andromeda lies close to the north pole, so only a few in the Southern Hemisphere can see this strangely shaped constellation in the spring.
One myth about Andromeda is found in Greek mythology. Andromeda’s mother, Queen Cassiopeia, bragged that she was prettier than the sea nymphs. The nymphs complained to Poseidon, who in turn sent a monster to destroy her land. The queen and her husband, King Cepheus, were told to sacrifice their daughter to save the country.
Andromeda was chained to a cliff for the monster, called Cetus. Just as the monster was ready to bite down on the maiden, Perseus rescued her. Perseus and Andromeda were put in the sky along with Cepheus, Cassiopeia and Cetus.
Andromeda is right next to Pegasus, which leads some to believe that at one time, some of these stars used to be part of the winged horse. The image shows Andromeda upside-down, which is often her position in the sky. The Princess’ head is the star Alpheratz, which is also the last star in Pegasus.
There is plenty to see in this fall constellation. The Great Andromeda Galaxy is the most distant object visible to the naked eye. You can find this famous galaxy on the right side of Andromeda, about half-way up the constellation. There are also many other galaxies and some open clusters around this constellation, but many are too faint to see.

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