May it be your will, Adonai, My God, and God of my Ancestors, to lead me, to direct my steps, and to support me in peace.  Lead me in life, tranquil and serene, until I arrive at where I am going.  Deliver me from every enemy, ambush and judge, those that I might encounter on the way, and deliver me from all afflictions that visit and trouble the world.
Bless the work of my hands.  Let me receive divine grace and those loving acts of kindness and mercy in your eyes and in the eyes of all those I encounter.  Listen to the voice of my appeal, for you are a God who responds to prayerful supplication.  Praised are you, Adonai, who responds to prayer. Amen
~Tefillat Ha_Derech Prayer Revised by Wendy (C) 1999
The Original Tefilat Haderech – The Traveler’s Prayer
May it be Your will, Eternal One,
Our God and the God of our ancestors,

That You lead us toward peace,
Emplace our footsteps towards peace,

Guide us toward peace,
And make us reach our desired destination for life,
Gladness, and peace.

May You rescue us from the hand of every foe,
Ambush, bandits and wild animals along the way,

And from all manner of punishments that
Assemble to come to Earth.
May You send blessing in

Our every handiwork, and grant us peace, kindness,
And mercy in your eyes and in the eyes of all

Who see us. May You hear the sound of our supplication,
Because You are the God who hears

Prayer and supplications. Blessed are You,
Eternal One, who hears prayer.


by Wendy (C) 1999

In desperation, I call out to you for help and guidance through this trying, tumultuous, painful whirlwind of confusion.  I find myself haunted with emotions that are unbearably ridden with guilt and endless introspective questioning of who I have become.  My hungry soul is starving for the answers to satiate it’s craving for comfort and contentment.
The agony is no longer at a surface level, but has embedded itself deep within the inner most layers of my being. The dagger of denial is piercing deeper and deeper through the confines of my essence, and the sears are becoming more difficult to conceal.
I pray for your assistance in easing this excruciating torment that I have afflicted myself with.  I must realize that all I can expect from you is your guidance.  I, alone, must labor to create my transformation.
The courage to change is most trying, difficult and challenging task that has ever been set before me. I now realize that, step by step, with your infinite love, patience, and wisdom, I can take hold of the serenity I so long to grasp.  With belief and trust in you, my precious God, everything is within my reach. At times, however, I must lift up my arms and out stretch my hands just a little bit further. Amen.
I wrote both of these back when I was going through some trying times and I am now through the other side looking back and being thankful that the Angels and Archangels and God, heard every word I have ever said. I love God and all that they have provided me with. I am blessed, I have seen the white light with my eyes opened wide, it surrounded me, engulfed me and loved me, that happened when I was 16 years old. Now, I am on another set of stepping stones in my life, I am so blessed to be doing my mission, exactly what I always wondered what it was.  I now know, I am so blessed.

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