When Matt, my late fiancé, was killed, not too long after did I wonder about timelines and the “what if’s”.  I wondered what life would be like if we were to still get married that October, eight months later.  Then I wondered what if that timeline still exists somewhere along some other time and space along side us, where it was actually even possible to meet your “other self”?  How fascinating!
I know that this is true!  However, the only problem is that if I do meet my “other self” in another timeline, upon which I could have walked into unknowingly, I would not be able to say anything. This would change all timelines as we see it. If you can imagine a line graph, take this line graph and draw one time line, when that timeline changes at whatever crossroad you might be at, draw another line rising above the current timeline, now you have two timelines and so on.
Each timeline has crossroads, at these crossroads you make choices, each choice you make determines the next crossroad. Meanwhile the other choice you could have taken still exists in another timeline, and each timeline has many crossroads and many lineages that go on forever. This also exists in other dimensions as well, as we all have free will and make our own choices, which determines the outcomes.
Your path, my path, our paths, are very similar as we strive for the same things, love, peace, harmony, happiness, kindness, beauty, gracefulness, and purity.  We do not ask for much more, however we cannot come together unless we all find that one common goal and I am giving it to you in one spot for you to see that this is our one goal for each other and ourselves.
We now have to collect our “other selves” as they are our collective beings. Imagine if these were our higher beings that  need to come as one, as a collective consciousness. We will be whole at this point. All of our “other selves” will be as one, as we will come together as a world as well to become one upon a collective consciousness.
Life as we see it, is not as it may seem, everything is an illusion. For instance, if you thought that driving in a “Fred Flintstone” car was normal, well you will see everyone driving in just that, but because your brain does not register this as so, our collective consciousness has been TOLD what they look like. Just last week I was watching a TV show and the character was talking on a cell phone, behind him was a beige wall.  When I looked at the TV screen (and I don’t have a 3D Television set) I saw him holding a piece of wood and talking into this piece of wood. I couldn’t believe it!  Then my eyes adjusted and I said “That’s better, I see the black cell phone now in his hand.” If my eyes can play a trick on me, almost like an optical illusion, then it is definitely something we conjure in our minds. We create, we are creators, all of us!
So in ending, what you see is not necessarily what is there, it may be an illusion.  Also, if you cross timelines and meet your “other self”, do not interfere with that timeline. There is a fine line between reality and dreams. ~Wendy/ Ready For The Shift

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