I have a few young readers out there and I wanted to try to help you along your journey to understand just a bit further about what is going on here. I also wanted to explain what is happening with the shift of the poles and how it is affecting humanity.
Let’s start by talking about the poles shifting.   Since 2002 the galaxy has been in a shift, moving towards the center of the galaxy, and not away from it, this is the first time this has happened in 12,960 years (per Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012). Per Drunvalo’s book, he states that on December 21, 2012, the axis of the Earth will be on the edge of Aquarius. Right now we are in the age of Pisces heading towards Aquarius. For the next 2,160 years, the axis of the Earth will be moving through the constellation of Aquarius. This is real!  We have an obligation to Gaia, as she ascends and the North Pole becomes the South Pole and vice versa, to make sure she will be peaceful and at rest. This is a slow process and it has already been under way.
Every 13,000 years, the axis of the Earth begins to point away from the center of the galaxy, the entire north pole changes positions.  This has been scientifically recorded, according to Drunvalo’s book.  Since 2,000 years ago the Earth’s magnetic field began to weaken. About 500 years ago the Earth’s magnetic field began to weaken at a faster pace than before. About 35 to 40 years ago the scientists began to see abnormalities in the Earth’s magnetic field.  This had an effect on all life forms, for instance birds and animals were getting lost while migrating. About 14 years ago the magnetic field became so unstable that it was dangerous to land airplanes on auto-pilot. Too many compasses on the planes were not accurate and was not from the “true” north.  All of the maps of the world had to be changed to bring them up to date with the pole shifts.
This brings us to now, we will be on the edge of the axis of Aquarius on December 21, 2012, our poles will be shifting as it had done 13,000 years ago and 13,000 years before that. What is now the south pole will be our north pole and we will be ascending with Gaia.
We have done a lot of damage to her, but in the New World, we will have none of that destruction, no war, no anger, no jealousy, hate.  We will only be loving each other, sharing with each other, loving thy neighbor (which means each and every one of us). There will be no strife, only happiness and a life filled with dreams that become reality, because we wished it so.
Here are two videos of Crystal Children explaining more of what I mean and will also help those that have not yet awoken, to be awakened!  God loves us all and we love all, which is one, we are one, we are God, we are the collective consciousness. ~Wendy/Ready For The Shift

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