What are you doing today? I will be planting some flowers around my patio in my back yard, unless it rains before hand and I will have to wait until it stops raining.
This weekend is the celebration of birth, birth of Gaia, birth of humans and animals alike. It is a celebration for all life, big and small. A celebration for the trees, the grass, the flowers, for they are blooming with such vigor and gracefulness at the same time. The birds have come back to sing to us, bunnies are frolicking in the fields. Life is all around us! Appreciate the world around you, appreciate all life, appreciate the humans that walk in your path, give them a smile, not just today, but everyday, all days, for all time. Appreciate the life that Gaia has given you, look at the small things, because they really aren’t small at all, they are quite important.
Imagine if you had an opposite view on everything you know now, in regards to work and home life, however being a good person and only doing good for yourself and others. If you thought the everyday hustling and bustling, looking like a sea of drones walking in lines on the streets in the millions of people swarming about, was normal, look again.
When I lived in New York for a few years of my life, I saw drones.  No one looked at another, especially on the trains, most everyone had something to read. When you were walking in the streets in New York City, everyone had a place to go, there was no room for error, because their were way too many people and if you stepped in the wrong place, for just a moment, you can get your foot stepped on, bumped into, perhaps if you were even small enough, get lost in the crowd and get bumped around like a pinball, in a pinball machine.
People say they love New York City, I didn’t feel that love, unfortunately. These people are drones, they have a mission already and are on it, in walking motion, looking forward, not back. In the meantime ignoring all of the people around them, unless they know them, of course. I didn’t understand this way of life, nor did I care to. Something about this needed to be done. They didn’t appreciate the little things. I couldn’t understand why, it was not something I was familiar with.
Imagine everyone in New York City stopped in their tracks for 5 minutes, what would they see? Would they look at the person next to them and greet them with a warm hello?  Will they dance in that spot and sing words of childhood inhibitions? Would they look for a flower?  Would they admire someone?  Will they spread joy just for those moments?  Imagine if that were all of the time.  That would be wonderous!
We can make this happen everywhere around the globe, everywhere among the universe and multiverses, all we have to do is dream it with good intentions, think of the world at peace, everyone just loving and giving, no problems, no strife, just pure love and happiness. We can make this world a better place, all we have to do is think it, dream it, wish it, hope for it and smile, as that wish becomes reality. ~Wendy/Ready For The Shift
Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green
Annual environmental awareness seeds many causes
By Michael Bushman • Fri, Apr 22nd, 2011
The EarthApril 22 is Earth Day. Every day should be ‘Earth Day’, treated with the knowledge and awareness that seems to focus like the hot spot under a magnifying glass every spring, sadly, only to be diffused away with the horror of the next big oil spill or the inconvenience of taking the bus.
At least, it felt that way in the past.
Recent years have seen an unprecedented growth in communication in the way of social media. Facebook, Twitter, comment boards and an array of devices to utilize them produces a tangible way to participate and share experiences. Not only does this inspire others, it builds a very necessary sense of ‘connection’, that we are in this together, and shows what others are doing and the impacts these actions are having.
A Billion Acts of Green” is the theme from the Earth Day Network, which runs Earthday.org. This organization arose from the first officially celebrated Earth Day in April 22, 1970 and has been at the forefront of the modern environmental movement. With over 1 billion people observing Earth Day around the world, it is credited (fittingly) as the largest civic observance on the planet.
The goal of A Billion Acts of Green is to utilize its global network to inspire people, groups, corporations, towns, states, countries… to collectively generate a billion acts of environmental advocacy and service before the Rio +20 Earth Summit 2012, which takes place from July 4th – 6th in Rio de Janeiro. The summit is a gathering of politicians and heads of state whose goal is to find a sustainable way to develop the planet and provide a future in which the global population can enjoy the best standard of living possible, while at the same time preserving our natural resources.
The Earth Day Network combined with a newfound ability to organize has grown to the point where numerous, more focused, efforts have spawned from the larger idea.
The Canopy Project: Helps to fight deforestation.
Green Schools: Has set a goal to green all schools within a generation.
Athletes for the Earth: Olympic and professional athletes bring their voices and visibility to the movement.
Creating Climate Wealth: A gathering of 200 entrepreneurs to help solve climate change and create a green economy.
Arts for the Earth: Celebrating the work of environmental artists.
These are just a few, as this event creates numerous opportunities on all levels to participate. Often, local or regionally impacting issues and events will utilize this day to rally deserved awareness and support. Another suggestion for Earth Day would be to avoid the crowds and hit the beach (ok, lesser crowds). Take a moment to appreciate living in one of the most beautiful parts of this great country. Stand in awe of the ocean and the sun that sets beyond it. Acknowledge the importance of the Earth Day idea, even if you don’t agree with the politics. And maybe pick up a piece of trash on your way back.

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