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Friend or Foe?
Acknowledging that we are energy in motion opens us to new pathways for living because we know that we are in control of the energy of the earth and of our experience here. The knowledge that we are not powerless is the blessing we receive when we know that the energy is under our control and at our command. But that brings its own challenges as we are reminded that with this level of power also comes great responsibility and a need for spiritual and emotional maturity. Depending on how we use it, energy is either our best friend or our worst enemy.
Energy is either our friend or foe, a blessing on our life journey or our greatest challenge (which is also a blessing). When used with understanding and knowledge, it is our friend. But if we are unaware of how energy works and the control we have over it, our life path can be challenging indeed. Energy is unforgiving in that it flows in any direction according to our guidance, whether we are aware of our power or not. It never questions or challenges our choices; it always responds by creating according to whatever we do and say. That is its purpose in our life, to respond to us.
We deal with energy as our foe or enemy when we forget that we are in control, we are masters of the third dimension and moving energy is what we do as part of our life path. If life is challenging it is because we have made it so; if it is unhappy, it is because we have chosen unhappiness. If we live in lack or fear it is because we have chosen that path for our journey. A simple choice can change that, which is a choice to be powerful, to be in control, to remember that we choose life, it doesn’t choose us. And we choose how the energy flows; it makes no choices and has no ability to move independently of us. Even if we are in someone’s energy wake and are affected by their choices, we still chose to be there.
Life is a choice we made from Spirit and then forget that we have chosen it because we came here to change the world and can’t seem to rise above our experience of life. Energy exists in unlimited vibrations and frequencies and when we choose the highest among them that is what we experience. Knowing that we are energy in motion, and that what we know as e-motion is nothing more than energy guided in a specific direction helps us to acknowledge ourselves as divine beings having a human experience.
Can we learn to set an intention for our highest and best outcomes in each moment? This creates a powerful intention for the energy in our life. We are the world and it is us; we embody the peace, joy, love and abundance that we wish for ourselves when we guide the energy in that direction and we bring heaven on earth when we remember ourselves as energetic beings charged with creating ascension for the world.
The Queen of Hearts
This week Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry and I will be up early in the morning on April 29 to watch the wedding. It will bring memories for me, as it will for many of you, watching his mother, Diana Spencer, marry Prince Charles on July 29, 1981. I stayed up all night to watch their wedding and marveled over her lovely gown, the joy of that moment and the celebration as the world watched the beginning of the fairy tale. The happy ending did not happen for Diana, as we later learned, but was that the point or was it something else?
Last week I went to see the exhibit of Diana’s wedding gown at Union Station here in Kansas City. It was beautiful, as were the many outfits that were part of the display. I must admit that they did not look the same on mannequins as they did on Diana. There was something missing, as the essence, the energy of the wearer was not there. The wedding gown on display was rather plain and a little frumpy. The evening clothes, suits and dresses sparkled but lacked a certain energy and appeal. Diana’s flair, charisma and energy made the difference and while seeing the clothes are the attraction, every person who sees that exhibit remembers her, her heart, her mission and the love that she had for others.
There are people who come to change the world and Diana was certainly one of them. But as with many pioneers, the path to change is blocked and challenging. We are less open to fairy tales today then we were back in 1981 and Diana’s death, which rocked the world, was one of those days everyone will remember. Her legacy, beyond the beautiful clothes and jewels, was one of compassion and love, of remembering that the world extends beyond our daily lives, and that we are all connected and the suffering of one extends to all of us.
Few people gain the world’s attention as Diana did, and the souls who take on this level of planetary responsibility come here to make an impact, knowing that their task may be limited to starting something that is often finished by others. Her life impacted all of us. And as we watch the wedding of her son, we can remember her and the work that she came to do, to teach us that each person is important, we can love each other and that our life journey is about compassion and caring, learning to see ourselves as part of the human family, on a journey together.
Uriel’s Message — Life as Illusion or in Illusion
As you assimilate new energies you may notice that you are seeing old lessons in the form of familiar energies in new situations, reappearing in your lives. You may wonder if you have gone back in the past, are not progressing on your path or are being punished. None of those is true. You have shifted and you are on your ascension path. But your ego is challenging you to maintain your new vibration, to move beyond fear and to step into your own power. Your view of life is changing because you are aware that you are living life as an illusion but you can choose the illusion you wish to life. It is a choice that is made in a single thought, which then creates a reality based on a new illusion of life or maintaining the illusion of life.
Every level of vibration co-exists within the third dimension. A shift in energy within you opens you to a new vibrational level but does not change the presence of other energies around you. Each of those energies creates an illusion of life which can be chosen. But with knowledge and understanding, another illusion can be created. All of life is an illusion, with each one responding to the thoughts and energies that create it. Without energy, the illusion cannot exist. Any illusion that does not have energetic support disappears.
In each moment, with each thought, you are choosing the level of your vibration and this creates the illusion you experience as life, but that is not the only illusion of life, it is simply the one you know. Its possible details are limitless and can be based on fear or any level of vibration, but all is illusion; there is no reality other than what each one creates. The collective illusion as experienced by the family of humanity is based on what each perceives as life and can know of life. As humanity’s collective vibrations increase, the fear-based illusions disappear. And with each increase in vibration the rate of change is exponential.
None of this is directed by the Universe although you have the support and participation of the Universe as your co-creator. Life, ascension, healing and transformation are the human path and it is through your willingness to transcend fear and access your spiritual connection that you, the family of humanity, choose to ascend into your mastery. There is no power that will force this change upon you as ascension must occur through humanity’s choice. Your soul knows its ascension path and when you follow its guidance you will know how to manage the energy so your illusions correspond with your greatest learning, leading you to right action, most powerful understanding and your heaven on earth.
Dating, Mating and Relating
As you who have Indigo children know, their views on relationships are so different from ours. The changes that have occurred within a single generation are astounding, considering how long things have remained the same prior to this generation. Those of you who wonder whether your Indigos will ever marry or have a girl/boyfriend will have to wait until they are ready to take that step. This is not a generation that is going to be rushed into any aspect of dating, mating or relationships and this has nothing to do with their lack of self confidence.
Despite the very lax attitudes towards sex and dating of this generation they are very serious when it comes to making commitments and maybe that comes from being the first generation to live with such high divorce rates. They lived through that experience and don’t want it for themselves or for their children. But they also grew up as the roommate generation, where they lived with friends for many years and they have strong friendships that give them the emotional support that would have come from a spouse.
They are also supported by their parents, emotionally or financially or both, and have the luxury of being able to stay at home and no one is pushing them to get married and have children to satisfy social expectations. My advice to my Indigo children has always been to take their time, see the world, choose the right partner and have children when they’re ready. I’m not in any hurry to see them married (but they don’t live with me either!) but more than that, I want them to be happy and to take on the obligations of a family when they are ready for it.
Although we tend to see them as emotionally immature and unsure, we shouldn’t underestimate the thought they put into important life decisions. And until they are ready, they don’t consider relationships to be an important life choice. They will, when they meet the right person, then they will know and be ready to take that step. Until then, they may act like they will be single forever but they won’t be, many Indigos will not marry until they are around 30, which seems to be the trend for them. Until then, you can play matchmaker and annoy them, worry that it will never happen or let them surprise you one day with the announcement that they have found the right partner.
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