So today my husband, Greg, aka PositiveForceOne, has shown me a couple of videos in regards to water and the power of prayer, thank you so much to my wonderful husband, I love you and appreciate you :).  In addition to that video he also found the second video which states that mind over matter heals, this coincides with prayer and it affects all of us as a whole! We are made up of 55% to 90% of water, or thereof. Knowing this fact we understand that our bodies need water to thrive, we need water to feel whole and much better in regards to our health. This is why we need water, we need to replenish the water that we dispel throughout the day.  Water heals, having a positive attitude sends out wonderful vibrations in our grid of this world. We need more of you to think healthy, think love, think happy thoughts.
Ever wonder why you are always in a bad mood all day when you get up in a bad mood?  This is because it is perpetuated by you and your vibrations can spread to everyone in an office, in a supermarket, anywhere really, it can effect neighborhoods of people. Think about this when you have uneasy or angry emotions even in your own environment. If you can imagine that you can affect a whole world like that!  You can and you do.  Your energy can spread like Dominoes as they spill over to the next one and touches it, it spills over and perpetuates to the next one and the next and so on and so forth. Emotions can have this affect on everyone.
If we as a whole, focus on our energies and keep them positive, no matter how horrendous the news may be lately. Keep those positive thoughts and know, just know we carry on, these bodies are just shells and we utilize them to suit our needs.  When you die, like I have said before, your soul moves on and you are as you once were, among the stars, as a consciousness, very very much alive!!
One more thing before I show the videos.  I would like to introduce Greg as a contributed writer in the near future. So some articles will be published by Greg and he will add more to this blog and give more insight and more understanding to life and the meaning of it all. In the next few days I will add him in the About Us section and you can find out more about him and learn about his spirit being.  You will love him, that is all I am going to say, but I am biased. 🙂 As I show these videos, the ultimate goal is to get us into the Golden Age.  Now onto the videos. ~Wendy/Ready For The Shift
Power of Prayer:
Mind over Matter:

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