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This is not to make you fear anything, we are moving into a new consciousness, a more wonderful world as a new world, a new way of thinking and a new way of life. Healing is in the water you bless, in the food you bless prior to consuming. We are rising into a new consciousness. As I read Drunvalo, I resonate with everything he had said, he is a very wise man. Later this year he will be setting up a TV show explaining the Earth’s changes. This cannot come soon enough. Me explaining who Drunvalo is, will do him no justice, please visit his website.
A Message from Drunvalo
March 31, 2011
Dear Ones,
This year 2011 we are going to make many new changes.  The most exciting one is the creation of a new school called THE SCHOOL OF REMEMBERING.  Finally, after 40 years of following my inner guides who were nudging me to remember the ancient spiritual pathways, my work will be complete in this new school.  Everything that one needs to enter into ascension and higher consciousness will be presented.  Just in time as we approach 2012.
There will be new instructors called Living in the Heart Teachers who will present this new experience to the world.  These teachings are ancient but are now translated into modern expressions and understandings.  With this new information, the Mer-Ka-Ba is expanded beyond what the Flower of Life Facilitators were teaching to include the experience of the human heart and the opening of the 3rd Eye and, even more important, the opening of the Single Eye of the Heart, the key to direct experience, and more.
Later towards the end of this year, DRUNVALO TV out of Hungary will become a reality.  Once a month you will be able to see my smiling face on internet TV.  I’m not sure yet exactly how it will be presented, but it will be.  I hope you find it useful in your lives, and it gives me the opportunity to speak with you directly as the Earth changes and humanity becomes more and more unstable.  As you know, we must ascend.
As you may have notice the web sites www.onelotus.net and www.humicin.com have completely been redone and are working perfectly.  Humicin has become a wonderful addition in people’s lives helping them to find health and deeper meditation.  It is really working.  We are also preparing to manufacture Humicin here in the USA, and later this year that should be ready for sale at a substantial price reduction.  Finally it will be affordable for everyone and far cheaper than anything on the market today.  Yeah!!!
This web site www.drunvalo.net has been unfortunately neglected with all the other work over the last few months, but that is all about to change too.  New artwork will change the look and everything on the site is about to be updated and rewritten.  It will take 4 to 6 weeks, but it is on it’s way.
Also the School of Remembering will be added to www.drunvalo.net, which will include each teacher having their own page on this site with their photo, a small video clip of them speaking, their contact information, and a link to their personal web site.  Further there will be a listing of the Living in the Heart Workshops the teachers will be presenting around the world to make it easy for you to find the workshop that is perfect for you in the country and language of your choice.
On another subject, there is so much going on now with the return of the solar flares and the effects of the magnetic field moving farther and farther away from the Earth’s physical pole.  It’s now entered into Siberia.  An amazing stress is being created on and in the Earth.  I am seeing that many of you are quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) freaking out from the emotional impact of the Earth’s geomagnetic field being stretched to the maximum.  There is much inner work we need to do immediately to prepare ourselves for the probable end result of this massive Earth change escalating as we speak. I will do my best to be of service during these incredible times.  I truly do love you.
From my heart to yours,

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