By Wendy Zangari
Let me bring this home for you, I have spoken a lot of about becoming one with the World. What Obama said really made me laugh. President Obama has to explain to the Media that he is really from America. How ridiculous and to have it go on for 2 and a half years?  Come on people, we have bigger fish to fry, sort to speak, in this world than to focus on whether or not President Obama is a US Citizen.  Do you think that he would be like that?  Do you think that after him coming on TV every single time there is an incident in the world and he explains what he is planning, that he is a fake?  That makes no sense. President Obama has been straight with all of the US and the World, I love  his humor, that is what makes him so real!  He is not one to lie or pull the wool over your eyes, however as the President of the United States (which needs to be united once again, but this time a united world), he has an obligation to his constituents as well and it is a tough balance for him or any President.
I look at President Obama and he looks tired, not like he did when he first came into office. He looks like he has had many sleepless nights with how to fix these problems of this world.  He has a lot on his shoulders at this time, he has all the crap that all of the other Presidents that preceded him, left for him to deal with. It’s a lot to handle for anyone. I know that when President Obama gets re-elected in 2012, the world with then be in a state of nirvana.  He is the one President that I truly have believed in from the beginning. I hope one day I can get to do an Interview with President Obama, I also would love to be on Oprah. Hey, it’s a long time fantasy for me, who knows, right?  In this video President Obama tells the press that we have bigger things to do and we should not be focusing on whether or not the President of the United States is from the US or not, here is the proof so that you can move on to the bigger issues. Thanks President Obama, you have given them a piece of their puzzle and now they can move along.

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