~By Wendy Zangari
What is going on with this world? Why can’t these Officials stop the beatings?  I am all for human rights, when this kind of thing happens, it just makes me so upset, but I remember that these people are mentally ill that do these types of things. They think this is what they are supposed to do, somehow, in their own minds.  This is the part that most people don’t see, the view of the eyes of the one that is doing terrible deeds in this lifetime and on this planet. We need to show these people that this is not what they need to do, this is not what is wanted of them from G_D and the collective consciousness. It is not what you should focus on, focus on love, focus on the light and you will soon see the eyes of G_D and love within ones self. Please let these medical staff go, they are helping people, they are there to do a job, a G_D given job to aid people and love them and tend to their wounds. These are the Angels that you have captured. Please release these Angels to dp their jobs without a hitch. Let them know that they are also loved during this time and those that were hurt, beaten, or killed, they are also loved at this time. I pray that they know we send them light and love, to all of them, we do not discriminate.
Relatives fearful over Bahrain trials
In Bahrain, human-rights workers say at least 50 medical staff are still missing after a crackdown on hospital care for injured anti-government demonstrators.
There are fears that some of the detained staff could face stiff sentences for treating protesters. Among them is Dr al-Dallal, a prominent physician arrested on March 17 during a military raid at Salmaniyah hospital in Manama.
His wife, Fareeda al-Dallal, was also arrested and beaten under custody last Tuesday. Al Jazeera spoke to her about her arrest and the fears she has about the safety of her husband.

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