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Now this is news!  So, Osama Bin Laden’s body is identified by the brain of his sister, which was held by the FBI in Boston, Massachusetts (where I was born).   I question why they sent the evidence to Afghanistan, and did not go themselves to Afghanistan and do the DNA matching there? It says that US Officials did the test, what does that mean?  US Officials?  Well that could mean anything and anyone in the military, or the government, or thugs, because I am sure we have them too.  So, I am not sure if this is just something to get us to get off topic here on our new thought process of Love and Light, but I thought I would post it anyway and see what all of you thought. I just find it odd that they would toss his body in the sea and get rid of evidence that we all needed to see with our own two eyes. This was done behind the scenes and it was done before anyone could say anything about it. Odd, doesn’t sit well with me. I am sure it doesn’t sit well with any of you either. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Osama Bin Laden’s body ‘identified by sister’s brain’

Osama bin Laden’s body was identified by US authorities by matching a DNA sample to one taken from his late sister’s brain, according to reports.

Osama bin Laden was shot in the head and chest by US Navy seals Photo: Sipa Press/Rex Features

When his sister, who has not been named, died from brain cancer several years ago in Boston the FBI immediately subpoenaed her body so that it could later be used to identify the al-Qaeda leader if he was caught, it was claimed.

The brain was preserved and tissue and blood samples taken from it were used to compile a DNA profile, ABC News reported.
The tissue sample was reportedly then matched to the DNA of the man shot dead by US troops in a raid on bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan.
He was shot in the head and chest by US Navy seals in a firefight in the compound, which had been monitored by the CIA for months.
US officials confirmed that the body had been identified by a DNA test conducted in Afghanistan. He was later buried at sea.
A national security official told CNN there were multiple confirmations of bin Laden’s identity, adding that they used “facial recognition work, amongst other things, to confirm the identity.”
A government spokesman said the burial had been “handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition”.

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