Monday, May 8th on Maarten Horst’s ET First Contact Radio is Alfred Labremont Webre, J.D, M.E.D from  How Exciting!  We can’t wait for the upcoming shows as well.  Go to for more information.
Greg and Wendy on ET First Contact Radio:
I wanted to talk to about our radio show yesterday, we had a wonderful show, thank you so much Maarten and Doug, you both did a wonderful job.  I also wanted to share the transcript of our show, it was fascinating, however this I am still working on so this will be posted a little later.
I do have to say though, when Maarten mentioned Quantum Computing, I don’t think I quite got that, something I will have to research further. So do not quote me on what I said about Cloud Computing, it is a different type of Computing altogether. See I can admit when I am wrong, I can’t claim to know everything, I want to, but that is a different story, that will happen in time.
During this Radio show we talked about many things, we talked about First Contact and if December 21st 2012 was an accurate date for ascension. I said that it was in fact, but timelines can change based on the fact that we have free will. When we choose a path, we go down that one path, if we go down another path, we continue down that path until crossroads appear. So the timelines can be changed at any given moment, just by one decision that is made.
We also spoke about how eating healthy is part of this whole ascension process. We have to eat healthy and take care of our bodies, while here on Earth. We are meant to eat organic fruits and vegetables, but not meat. My husband and I watched Food, Inc. this past January and it changed our whole view on the meat industries. They do some things to chicken and cows that are unheard of. When we were kids, milk was delivered to your door, everything was so fresh all of the time. So it is very important to eat well especially during this time.
I also spoke about President Obama and what is going on in the world today. It is a sad state of affairs and the President of the United States has a lot on his plate, but why the cover-ups?  Why is he sticking up for the Illuminati?  I am starting to think he has no choice but to be a part of this “Secret Government” that does not do things that are good for man-kind and the world. He is starting to worry me with his humor. I know he likes to laugh and joke, but there is a time for that Mr. President. You have made a joke out of the Moon Landing and Roswell, when we all know it’s true, but yet you still make a joke about it as if it is not real. This has to be something you are serious about. We are!  Why do you mock the moon landing, and mock ET’s landing in Roswell? Mind you I don’t believe there were any survivors, if there were, they were dissected and probed, which they are no longer alive at this point. So we have tortured ET’s too, so you see this is why it must be a joke to him. I don’t.
During Maarten’s show Greg and I spoke passionately about the changes to come, the ascension process and what is happening now. I will be finishing up the transcript of the show soon, so stay tuned if you did not hear the show. Namaste, ~Wendy/Ready For The Shift

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