~By Wendy Zangari
Gaia is Mother Earth, our one true Mother, giving us life on Planet Earth!  We need to cherish this day for all Mother’s around the World, not just our Birth Mother’s, but this day we celebrate Gaia as well, this is our Planet, this is our beauty!! Where Gaia breathes, she brings new life to a sleeping earth. Renewal springs forth along Gaia’s every path. Let’s all make Gaia proud and wake up, let’s see the light, let’s see the love, let’s see her dreams for us, our dreams for us. They can come true, all you have to do is want it with it with all of your heart!
Gaia gives us breath, Gaia gives us love, Gaia is our Mother Earth, today is a celebration of renewal of Mother Earth. All of the trees sway in the day’s sun and sing a blissful song as they wave to us with so much love!  Do not pass by Gaia and disregard her beauty!  This beauty was meant for you, for all of you! This is a day to appreciate the life, appreciate Mother’s, and the gift of birth that they can give to Planet Earth.
This is a day for renewal, a time to open your eyes and see the beauty of what is provided for you and helps sustain you!  This is a time to celebrate life, celebrate birth, celebrate continuous harmony with Gaia and all Mother’s on this Earth and all throughout the Universe as well. It is a time to celebrate the birth of our worlds, the birth of the Universe, the birth of our Galaxy, the birth of all beings! We are all one and we are all Mother’s, tending to all Mother’s!  We are family!  We are one and as life progresses we stay as one! Let us not separate us from our Mother, let us embrace our Mother and worship her because of all the beauty and life she provides for us.
In ending I will say that love is the answer!  Love everyone, every being and every thing, not just this day, but all days! Love our Mother and give back to our Mother to replenish her!  Replenish her heart, replenish her love, replenish her adoration of us and our adoration of her!  Love until your heart bursts out of your chest!  Love forever, love always and it will grow and it will beam throughout the Universe!  Don’t stop loving all things, cherish them always!

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