~By Wendy Zangari
On April 22nd a friend of mine that lives in Arizona took this picture and said “Look @ The pretty jet clouds”.  Well only one person commented since then and they had said “You sure they’re not chemtrails? lol”.  As I just saw it, I commented as well and said, “Oh they certainly ARE chemtrails, OMG”. Now all I have to say is this is something that we can all push away with our higher vibrational state, if you wish that those chemtrails cause no harm, than they will cause no harm.  Just believe and it can be, the truth is within all of you.  So when you see things like this, do not run, do not fear, and I probably should not have said OMG, but I look back and say to myself, self it is what it is, that was my first reaction, but it quickly changed to peace. When you see these types of chemtrails in the sky, you rain peace and love and healthiness and happiness upon their sprays of mist.  Shed light on these matters, but just so you know what to look for I am posting the picture my friend in Arizona took.
This goes against all Human Rights!  We need to drink lots of water at this time while we pray for the chemtrails to dissipate and turn into love.  The water will help with your Crystalline structure as we collect our new DNA selves.  We are now changing in leaps and bounds and have grown stronger together as we find each other one by one, bit by bit. All it takes is one person to tell another and we can wake everyone up.  The world will come together as one and show the Illuminati that they cannot suppress us any longer. We have to be diligent too in this matter.
The Government will not tell you the truth and President Obama is in the middle of it all and he cannot choose sides, but has to be a diplomat for both.  This is the way of the President, he has to choose his words carefully, perhaps even by teleprompter, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t write the words. He has to be a strategist and has to choose his battles carefully, this is the job of the President. He is very aware and he is awake, but you have to remember that President Kennedy was assassinated for threatening to tell the public about UFO’s and the like and it certainly can happen to another President in our lifetime, but just know this is what President Obama is protected from, the Galactic Federation is protecting our President so no harm will come to him, but I do not know if he knows this.
Here is evidence on that from the FBI Vault and here is the original link http://bit.ly/lY7wjH

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