Peter Vaughan, a well known Numerologist from New Zealand, posted this article about my husbands’ awakening. I am so proud of you, my sweet love of my life, I am so proud that you and I are on this journey together. You bring light into my heart, just as I do yours. I love you so much and am proud to be your wife. In love and light always~Wendy/Ready For The Shift
Apr 25, 2011 12:37 pm
I received a Profile request from a man in America. After looking at his chart, I saw marked events in 2008, wrote them down and provided a little insight to matters ahead for him and sent his PDF off…Within hours I got a note from the gent, he gave me permission to publish the correspondence;”Peter,
Thanks so much for the PDF. Funny in your original email to me, you mentioned changes in my life when I was 47. I turned 47 in 2008, about a month before that, I became disabled, had an unsuccessful spinal fusion and have been bedridden pretty much since then and now I can no longer work, nor drive, and I only leave the house for tests and doctor’s appointments.”
“So I want to see what the future has in store for me and how I can best utilize my skills under the current conditions which at this point seem out of my control. Thanks again. Warm regards, Greg Zangari.”
Greg now has a Full Profile report and his response was dramatic. After a couple emails confirming past events in Greg’s life, I asked if I may use his chart in my classes as a unit study, and Greg sent me the following;
“Peter, Well most people are sleeping. Since my last surgery I sleep twice a day for about 3 hours at a time. So I don’t follow normal day and night, I’m on Greg time 🙂
When I was about 15, I moved a rack at work at this home improvement store. Obviously this heavy rack won. I was in chiropractic for about 6 months after that. Then in 2003, the intractable pain began again. So I left work on Disability in Jan 2003 and had my first back surgery in July 2003.
They repaired disc hernations at L3, L4, L5 and S1 – they diagnosed it as Degenerative Disc Disease. My doc, who was Chief of Neurosurgery at a local teaching hospital, sent me to physical therapy in Sept of that year, it was too soon. Pain started again. In Dec 2003 I was back in surgery as I had re-herniated all of the discs that they repaired in addition to herniation’s now also at L2 and L1.
I was out of work for 18 months total, the day I went back, after 14 years of service which included moving to the UK for 15 months to set up two new offices, I was laid off. It took me another 18 months to find a match.
In April 2008, the back pains started again very intensely and by July 2008 I was on disability again, but this time it’s permanent. I went back to my original surgeon who told me, “I don’t know where the pain is coming from so there is nothing I can do. So I went for a second opinion at Univ of Penn Neurosurgery.
This surgeon took one look at my MRI and XRays and said, “Your back is a mess, you not only need S1 and L5 fused but L4 as well!” So I was in surgery in Jan 2009 for the L4-L5-S1 spinal fusion. They took a bone graft off of my hip to use to replace the discs for the spinal fusion.
My back started feeling better, but my hip pain was horrible. In Feb 2010, I was back in the hospital for my 4th surgery, this time to see if the hip bone was growing in the wrong way. They shaved it down and said it might help. It didn’t. The pain only got worse and my back started hurting again.
Unfortunately for me, the meds that they have me on for pain (Oxycontin and Cyclobenzaprine)causes intractable nausea and dizziness. So now the only time I’m out of bed is to use the loo and shower and I only leave the house for doctor’s appointments (3 times last year, once this year).
So I’ve gone from being an executive in the pharmaceutical arena making a 6 figure income to being on Social Security Disability Income and Medicare which is just above poverty level.
I’ve pretty much been working in the medical field since my second year of college in 82. Since 1989 I’ve worked in the Pharmaceutical service industry – I was Director of Project Management in a large company that ran clinical drug trials for big Pharma/Biotech during my last job.
Although I couldn’t do any more diagnostic testing for about 8 months while I didn’t have health insurance, now that I’m on Medicare I had a CT scan last month which reported that my L3 has herniated once again. The only option now is epidural steroid shots into my spine to try and relieve the pain and inflammation.
I had this done twice before my second surgery and the shots did nothing for me. On the script for the CT, my surgeon wrote “failed back surgery” so that pretty much sums up what I’ve been going through.
And if that wasn’t bad enough, my wife was laid off in Jan 2009 and a few months later was diagnosed with severe Fibromyalgia. After months and months of trying different therapies, she’s able to function about 3 days per week. She can’t work due to her job requiring her to lift 50 pounds (she’s a PC tech) and many of these jobs are done now through the cloud and have been outsourced.
So now we eat when she’s able to feed us, about once and maybe twice a day. We are living month to month now and trying to make the best of it.
I’ve been able to see both sides of life now and kind of feel fortunate about that. I seemed to have been living in some kind of illusion. Then in Dec of 2009, I started getting really depressed thinking that my life was over. I gave up on God and contemplated suicide. Then something happened to me last November that was amazing.
I’ve reprinted my note I wrote for my friends on Facebook below to tell you what’s happened since then. I’ve had an awakening and my life is now changing for the better, at least emotionally. So now I’m on the search to see what I can do, from bed, during lucid moments when I can actually use the PC. Which led me to contacting you Peter.
I did some searching around for any particular divination methods that may help me figure that out. After my research, I consider you the best in your field, hence my reaching out to you at this time.
To answer your question, no I haven’t sent in a request for my report yet Peter. I need to wait for the govt check to come in this month to see if we have the extra money to spare, it may take me a month or two to save up for a report. So if you don’t see my request for a little while, now you know why.
Thanks for reaching out to find out what happened Peter. I don’t mind telling my story. It used to hurt me deeply to talk about it, but now that I’ve accepted my disability and the pain, I know that I’ll need to deal with that until a solution can be reached and that may not happen for years.
The one good thing that came out of this – after 7 years on anti-depressants (SSRIs), I finally weened myself off of them and going on my natural happiness that I have attained through my awakening. So I’ll leave you with that and my current “story” below.
So much for my story – it’s not really a big deal compared to what you guys in NZ have been going through hell with these earthquakes, not to mention Japan and other places.
I look forward to discussing my report with you in the near future. Very nice meeting you Peter! It’s great making a new friend. We seem so far apart in distance, but this world seems to be getting smaller by the day. That’s a good thing. Once we figure out that we all have things in common, maybe this world will be a better place. That’s what I’m striving for anyway 🙂
Warm Regards,
Greg” Greg’s awakening follows below in the “My Views” area. I feel it’s well worth reading. If you would like to comment or contact Greg personally, let me know; and Greg, I’ll be keeping in touch. I feel you will make an Excellent Numerologist.
Peter, How My Awakening/Enlightenment Happened
by Greg Zangari on Friday, March 18, 2011 at 1:08pm (posted on Greg’s Face Book Pages)
By now I’m thinking many of you may have noticed that I’m a bit different lately. A bit more kind and loving. A bit less sarcastic and hard-hearted. I went into a major depression in September that I didn’t come out of until late November. I stopped talking to friends and family, I didn’t go on the Internet or for that matter, I didn’t turn on the computer. Most of the time I vegged out on TV because I didn’t want to think about how miserable my life had become. So I dropped out of life. Part of that dropping out was discovering that all religions are man-made so with that, I decided that God didn’t exist. I became an Atheist. I existed in thinking that since Dec of 2009. Finally last September it got to me. The revelation was that I missed God, there was an emptiness in my heart.
Then, in November, Wendy hung some holiday lights up. I forced myself to get out of bed and go downstairs a few steps and take a peek. At that moment when I saw those twinkling lights, my heart and eyes opened up wide and I got a grin from ear to ear. I felt love, I felt that God-presence surrounding me. That moment changed my life forever. Now I feel connected. I’m no longer unhappy with my life. I found love and forgiveness for myself and it made me beam with joy. I started the search for my own truth which I have recently found. We are all connected folks, bound by love in God. I just want you to know that if you need me, I’m here for you. Any one of you. All of you. I share my heart, love and respect with all humanity. I pray that we all can end our suffering, look inward and be able to finally see the Light. It’s in all of us.
Open your eyes and find love. You’ll see what is around you. You will see how corrupt this planet is. You will see that there are those amongst us that are willing to help if we are willing to listen and ask for help. Disclosure of so many misconceptions, misgivings and complete lies will astound and anger us when it happens. When this does happen, please stay calm and do not fear. We will be saved as soon as we learn that we need to save ourselves. That is happening now.
Have your feelings toward the world changed? Have you felt more compassionate? Have you felt differently lately regarding your views on life? Have you wanted to reach out to your fellow humans and tell them you support them and the end of their suffering?
The suffering needs to end here and now. There is revolution in the air. We need to pull off the blinders and realize that We The People have the power and CAN make a difference. I need to shout it to the world. Do you? Can you? Will you?
They want us to exist in fear. Do not be afraid. Once you fill your heart with love, there will be nothing to fear. Look inward, look to your Higher Self for guidance. You will find it if you only listen. I’ve stopped using my brain exclusively. Now I use my brain to discern in what I’m thinking and if it that thought is coming from my gut or from my heart. When they align, I discover my personal truth. Now I can trust my intuition. My mind is made up. I know now that all one needs is love. I know I am not alone. I know that I am connected to the entire Universe. I am connected to God. I know that although my body will die, my spirit will not. I am not afraid of death any longer because I know for sure, in my heart, that we live on and on.
I found something in a online community that someone posted that I think will touch you and fully explain what I have gone through to date and that I am currently going through. I wanted to share it with you because I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s written by “Author Unknown”. Me? I’m trying to be a better person. You all help with that by sharing your life with me and contemplating your point of view and the things that you learn about yourself and your life. I try to take those lessons learned and incorporate it into my own life in a positive way.
Namaste, Greg
A time comes in your life when you finally get it… when, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out – ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying or struggling to hold on.
And, like a child quieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once or twice, you blink back your tears and begin to look at the world through new eyes.
This is your awakening.
You realize it’s time to stop hoping and waiting for something to change… or for happiness, safety and security to come galloping over the next horizon. You come to terms with the fact that neither of you is Prince Charming or Cinderella and that in the real world there aren’t always fairy tale endings (or beginnings for that matter) and that any guarantee of “happily ever after” must begin with you… and in the process a sense of serenity is born of acceptance.
You awaken to the fact that you are not perfect and that not everyone will always love, appreciate or approve of who or what you are … and that’s OK. They are entitled to their own views and opinions. And you learn the importance of loving and championing yourself… and in the process a sense of new found confidence is born of self-approval.
You stop complaining and blaming other people for the things they did to you (or didn’t do for you) and you learn that the only thing you can really count on is the unexpected.
You learn that people don’t always say what they mean or mean what they say and that not everyone will always be there for you and that it’s not always about you. So, you learn to stand on your own and to take care of yourself… and in the process a sense of safety and security is born of self-reliance.
You stop judging and pointing fingers and you begin to accept people as they are and to overlook their shortcomings and human frailties…. and in the process a sense of peace and contentment is born of forgiveness.
You realize that much of the way you view yourself, and the world around you, is as a result of all the messages and opinions that have been ingrained into your psyche. And you begin to sift through all the junk you’ve been fed about how you should behave, how you should look, how much you should weigh, what you should wear, what you should do for a living, how much money you should make, what you should drive, how and where you should live, who you should marry, the importance of having and raising children, and what you owe your parents, family, and friends.
You learn to open up to new worlds and different points of view. And you begin reassessing and redefining who you are and what you really stand for. You learn the difference between wanting and needing and you begin to discard the doctrines and values you’ve outgrown, or should never have bought into to begin with … and in the process you learn to go with your instincts.
You learn that it is truly in giving that we receive. And that there is power and glory in creating and contributing and you stop manoeuvring through life merely as a “consumer” looking for your next fix.
You learn that principles such as honesty and integrity are not the outdated ideals of a bygone era but the mortar that holds together the foundation upon which you must build a life.
You learn that you don’t know everything, it’s not your job to save the world and that you can’t teach a pig to sing.
You learn to distinguish between guilt and responsibility and the importance of setting boundaries and learning to say NO.
You learn that the only cross to bear is the one you choose to carry and that martyrs get burned at the stake.
Then you learn about love. How to love, how much to give in love, when to stop giving and when to walk away.
You learn to look at relationships as they really are and not as you would have them be. You stop trying to control people, situations and outcomes. And you learn that alone does not mean lonely.
You also stop working so hard at putting your feelings aside, smoothing things over and ignoring your needs. You learn that feelings of entitlement are perfectly OK…. and that it is your right to want things and to ask for the things you want… and that sometimes it is necessary to make demands.
You come to the realization that you deserve to be treated with love, kindness, sensitivity and respect and you won’t settle for less.
You learn that being tired fuels doubt, fear, and uncertainty and so you take more time to rest. And, just as food fuels the body, laughter fuels our soul. So you take more time to laugh and to play.
You learn that anything worth achieving is worth working for and that wishing for something to happen is different from working toward making it happen. More importantly, you learn that in order to achieve success you need direction, discipline and perseverance.
You also learn that no one can do it all alone…and that it’s OK to risk asking for help.
You learn the only thing you must truly fear is the greatest robber baron of all: FEAR itself. You learn to step right into and through your fears because you know that whatever happens you can handle it and to give in to fear is to give away the right to live life on your own terms.
And you learn to fight for your life and not to squander it living under a cloud of impending doom.
You learn that life isn’t always fair, you don’t always get what you think you deserve and that sometimes bad things happen to unsuspecting, good people. On these occasions you learn not to personalize things.
You learn that God isn’t punishing you or failing to answer your prayers. It’s just life happening. And you learn to deal with evil in its most primal state — the ego.
You learn that negative feelings such as anger, envy and resentment must be understood and redirected or they will suffocate the life out of you and poison the universe that surrounds you.
You learn to admit when you are wrong and to build bridges instead of walls.
You learn to be thankful and to take comfort in many of the simple things we take for granted, things that millions of people upon the earth can only dream about: a full refrigerator, clean running water, a soft warm bed, a long hot shower.
Slowly, you begin to take responsibility for yourself by yourself and you make yourself a promise to never betray yourself and to never, ever settle for less than your heart’s desire. And you hang a wind chime outside your window so you can listen to the wind. And you make it a point to keep smiling, to keep trusting, and to stay open to every wonderful possibility.
Finally, with courage in your heart and God by your side you take a stand, you take a deep breath, and you begin to design the life you want to live as best you can.
~~Author Unknown

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