~By Wendy Zangari
Emotions are hard to understand. Anger, sadness, hatred, frustration, passion, love, understanding, compassion. They are so hard to decipher, so hard to understand no matter how old you may be, it is a constant work in progress.
I feel a lot of turmoil upon this planet at this time, a lot of uneasiness and frustration and some are taking it out on others.  I think it is because we are all awakening at the same time and it is a painful and yet gratifying process, in the end. We don’t have to cause turmoil amongst ourselves, because we create it on our own, no one else creates our reality for us, but ourselves. If you create turmoil, you will endure turmoil. This is for all ages alike. No one can expect another person to actually understand our own situations in life. We have our own strengths and we all have our own weaknesses.
We cannot stifle someone for thinking or saying what they know or feel. Let others finish their sentence before you interject. Give time to thought instead of speaking. Write it down if you have to, thoughts can be wonderfully expressed on paper.
When I entered into this life, I had no idea what I was up against, however I chose my Earth family, I chose to go through all that I went through in life in order to be whole. It is a process and we are at different speeds and different levels of awakening. Not everyone’s awakenings are the same, in the end we come together with our awakenings and find that they are very similar.  We are not different than each other, we are all the same and we should all just have so much love and peace in our heart. Be grateful for those things around you. Make a list of the Pros and Cons of your life, make a moral inventory of ones self. It is something that we all should do in order to clean our side of the street. Our emotions can get the best of us and if we learn to control this aspect of our beings, we are on the path to the light and the path of understanding.
Don’t let your anger or frustrations get you down, learn from them and move on. Here is a video of an enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, that speaks about how to help with your anger. We all need to learn and this is something that I would like to learn more as well.  We have to have that peacefulness inside of our heart. Take a look at this Yogi and see how at peace he is with everyone and himself.
Swamiji takes us through a wonderful technique from Shiva to use your emotions of love and anger to fall into the ultimate inner space:

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