~By Wendy Zangari
Someone had mentioned etiquette in writing, not here on my blog, but somewhere else.  When Caps are used, it means someone is yelling, trying to make a point, is excited, or is emphasizing their words.  I agree, I am one to be first to say that I don’t like yelling in an email or all capital letters, but it can be taken by many people, many different ways.
When discussing this I got into a heated discussion and I said to this person that they had a Hitler attitude.  Not two seconds later do I go to my Facebook and see an email from a friend of mine since childhood. He said to me in regards to my life story the other day, this is his comment.   “Your life story didn’t include that your dad was a racist bigoted jew.  See ya can’t believe everything ya read. How’s the jewelry making coming along?”
I looked deep within myself at that moment and saw how it made me feel, even though this is true and the reason why I am not racist or bigoted and always tried to get to the other extreme than my father. However, this brought it home for me and Karma made me feel the way I made that other person feel and I know what I said was wrong to her and I apologized. I have never seen Karma work that fast. I learned from it and now I can move on, but I am always learning and I get knocked down a peg or two. This is where I need to be, in the now and not say things to others without thinking about it first. I was wrong and Karma told me so.

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