Related to my article earlier today, where Andrew D. Basiago was mentioned; “Secret US Government Operations: Unity Consciousness Will Collapse Military Complex“, here is a Radio show on Coast to Coast tonight at 10PM PST with George Noory interviewing Andrew D. Basiago.
Andrew Basiago is a lawyer in Washington State, Mr. Basiago has publicly revealed the existence of a secret US Department of Defense time travel program that began in the late 1960s and in which he was a child participant, that included the identification of future American leaders utilizing different forms of “quantum access.”
DARPA & Time Travel / Chemtrails
Date: 05-17-11
Host: George Noory
Guests: Andrew D. Basiago, Michael Murphy
First Half: Attorney Andrew D. Basiago will discuss how a recent news story about DARPA relates to his truth campaign involving time travel technologies.
Second Half: Journalist, filmmaker and political activist Michael J. Murphy talks about new evidence for chemtrail spraying and geoengineering.

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