~By Wendy Zangari
Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, President Eisenhower’s great granddaughter, has been asked to build a colony on Mars with others and this is what the Government tries to cover-up. The movie industries show you through a movie or comic strips or from whatever medium to show you the truth, what the Government really can do, what really is possible.  The government has done time travel for years, stargates exist, and it has been under our noses for so long.  This is what we pay our valuable tax dollars towards, supports these types of research facilities to continue. Some of these research facilities are not working towards the good of all, they are working against those that are trying to improve this planet and ourselves within it.
Laura Magdalene Eisenhower explains that she is in a constant battle with the illuminati and dark cabal, while she is doing good for all.  She explains the threats she gets for her truths, for her psychic abilities, for her knowledge.  She is not afraid, she will continue disclosing these things to the public, this is her mission.  This is what her calling is, the passion for this calling comes from within and I know what kind of passion that is!
At first when I saw this, not really knowing that part of history of Philadelphia, in which I live 10 miles away from, that the ships in the ship yard, with crew and all, teleported to Navy Base in Norfolk, Virginia and then came back to the port in Philadelphia.  Just amazing, I couldn’t believe it, but here is the evidence, it is all coming out in dribs and drabs folks and I guess it’s my job to find the information for you, my readers, whom I thoroughly appreciate!  We thoroughly appreciate! My husband is the one to give me some ideas and I run with them, so we work collaboratively. It is so nice to have that, I really appreciate him and I do so more and more everyday.
This type of information is fascinating and to come from such a credible source as Alfred Webre and Eisenhower’s Granddaughter. It is just so fitting!  Here is the interview in five parts that Alfred Webre did with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower.  Just amazing!


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