~By Wendy Zangari
Thank you to one of my readers, who is a friend of mine now on Facebook, who shared this article. I wanted to say thank you Tamlyn. Nice find!! Now onto the news…
What you don’t know is that companies are allowed to mark their products organic, it seems that a loop-hole has been found, enough to call it organic, when it isn’t. The secret government wants to poison the population, I fear that the USDA, FDA and all of those A’s again are being controlled by the illuminati. Farmers are controlled by the Illuminati, they dictate to the Farmer’s how they need to produce their products faster, with less care for the process, just get it done, make money for the Illuminati. These people tell business owners that they will lose their livelihood and they will make sure of it, if they do not do practices in which the illuminati desire the business to be run.  This is all happening because of money.
Did you know that we gave China fake gold, this is why we, as Americans are indebted to the Chinese for the rest of our natural lives and yet we never knew why. It’s because the US Government, or at least the ones that work in the background, are the ones that make these decisions. Understand there is a good Government and a bad Government, very much like the show 24, Jack Bauer was always fighting the bad guys and who won?  Of course, the good guys and gals!  So in the end, the good guys and gals always win!  We will win!  This is a fight between good and bad, pretty much, the forces are stronger on the good side and the bad folks will not be able to live in that vibration and for some reason they will just disappear.
Keep your hats on as more stuff just keeps unfolding! Also, don’t ever be afraid, fear is the enemy!
Your tax dollars shouldn’t fund disinformation about pesticides in food!

The Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF), a California-based pro-pesticide, big agriculture group, has gone on the attack. It makes the bizarre charge that Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides has influenced people to eat fewer vegetables. In fact, conventional produce consumption is flat — but demand for organic fruits and vegetables is booming.We were shocked when the California Department of Food and Agriculture and U.S. Department of Agriculture handed $180,000 of your money to this front group — specifically to counter “claims by activist groups about unsafe levels of pesticides.”If you think financing attacks on non-profit food safety watchdog groups like EWG is an outrageous way to spend your tax dollars, the USDA needs to hear from you today.
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As a California produce consumer and supporter of Environmental Working Group, I do not want my federal tax dollars spent to discourage consumers from buying organic or low-pesticide residue food. If major users and vendors of agricultural chemicals want to try to convince consumers that pesticides aren’t a problem, they should do it on their own dime.The federal Specialty Crops Block Grant was designed to support research, marketing and nutrition programs to help make produce, nuts and flower crops more competitive, accessible and, in the case of research, more sustainable. I want this program used to promote greater consumption of organic, locally-grown, and sustainably produced fruits and vegetables. Awarding a federal grant to large conventional agribusiness for a pro-pesticide public relations campaign undermines the country’s growing organic industry and public health.Please investigate who approved a $180,000 grant for the Alliance for Food and Farming and ensure that the USDA does not rubber stamp more outrageous grants like this one.

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