~By Wendy Zangari
I am feeling very kind of AAAHHHH today and a little all over the place.  Sorry about that.  I wanted to tell all of you that when I was starting my garden last week, everything was wonderful and I was happy and love was in the air, then a few days ago I go outside and a bird is in my driveway as if it fell out of the sky.  No trees above, just sky, and the little bird looked like it was frozen in time, almost like stone.  It’s wings were out, as if it was in mid-flight, and he was gray in color, but had yellow bile that had hardened coming out of its mouth.  I was shocked, my first instinct was to bury it, not to take a picture, so I am sorry if I do not have one, but please believe me as this has really shocked me.
Next thing I notice is that yesterday my convertible top had a white crystallized substance all over the rag top, mind you there are no trees above my car either.  I looked around to see if it was anywhere else and oddly enough this white/clear rock substance was not anywhere else. So I went to get my car washed, again not thinking of taking pictures. So again, you will just have to believe me. I believe they were chemtrails.
Next thing I noticed was that the bumper on my car had been keyed, now I do not have enemies here, I do not know anyone well enough to make enemies. People whom I have had issues with in the past, well that has blown over years ago, so it can’t be someone I know, I have only lived here in Pennsylvania for 7 years. Anyway, I just find all of this odd and I can’t imagine what is happening, but I will take it in stride and not worry about it.  All I can say is, “Oh well, stuff happens” and move on.
Oh one more thing that happened.  I went out yesterday and mud was smeared on my driver side and passenger side windows.  Um, I just got my car washed and I came home after I washed it.  I said to myself “What is going on?”.  So whatever is happening folks, please just bear with me. Plus the other day, I was so frazzled I had disassembled my website (by accident 🙂 ) and couldn’t get the template back.  I was frantic!  So, I just started breathing, praying, and asked Archangel Michael to help fix my computer. I clicked one button on my website and it was restored. Phew! Now my computer also doesn’t start-up on its own, which it has done for the past year. Thank you Archangel Michael, you really worked wonders. Phew again! Now being a Computer Technician for 12 years and not knowing how to fix the hibernation issue or my website made me feel inadequate, as I was doing ALL the right things, but Archangel Michael fixed all of it for me because I asked in desperation.  Thank you again Archangel Michael, I love you brother!
So with all of this happening to me, thinking either I am crazy, or if this is really happening to me, I went out yesterday and emphatically said out loud to any evil, “You will not get me, I am too strong for you to conquer my spirit, I will not fall and you will not make me fall EVER!”  I kept repeating that, I also said kind of laughing, “I can’t die!  I have tried time and time again, have died and came back, I have been in car accidents where I should not be alive, so I cannot die, you can try, but you will not succeed!”  Now that was something I probably should not have said, just because it was almost like a dare, but I wanted them to know that even if they kill me or try to make me fear, it won’t work, plus we live on for eternity.
I have been there in my life, I have seen the dark side, I saw them when I was 16 years old and I was a Warlock’s subject for his apprenticeship.  I didn’t know it at the time, but he did forewarn me and I laughed in his face enough to make him mad and have things happen to me that actually could have killed me and this was at home, these things happened right in my home at the time.
So I know that these things can happen, but I also know that I have control over these things infiltrating me. So I am grateful to have written this and have gotten it out of me, now I can move on.

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