~By Wendy Zangari
This is just to make all of you aware that this is not something that is dreamed up, this is real.  These are the issues we face and have been facing for a long time and yet we did not know this.  We are finding more and more anomalies happening as time moves along at a rapid speed, if you have noticed.  We need to be more aware of the injustice that is happening in this World.  We cannot lay down any longer, ever heard “The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword”.  This is true!  Words speak a million times louder than any other medium used. Like President Obama said in his Weekly Address, there is no blogger, big or small, that is not writing about the issues that we face.  These are the ones we need to listen to, they are telling us that what businesses do, what Government does behind his back, he said in not so many words, that these are the ones we need to speak to.  The ones we need to stop from producing poison and feeding it to us like we were birds, eating from a bird feeder, mouths open wide ready for whatever we are given.
These are times where the word needs to get out, that we will not stand for this.  We will not stand for the illuminati/cabal/secret government poisoning us any longer.  We will not take your vaccines, we will not eat your medicine that you serve to us, do not scare us into thinking we have to get these vaccines.  You can make chemtrails fall down on us, but you will not make us afraid of what you are spraying.  Here are a couple of videos explaining chemtrails that happened 17 years ago and Oakville, Washington Policeman took this substance in for testing after it had rained on his police car.

Here is the physical evidence that a kind citizen found and did their own research. Thank you for this research!!

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