~By Wendy Zangari
We can’t change this World for the better unless we stop using weaponry, it is something we just don’t need.  All we need is Love and John Lennon and Yoko Ono got it right, why can’t we?  This is something we as one, as a unit, as a society, a World, can have a Universal energy that is so magnetic and so loving and so gentle that guns and ICBM’s and every kind of weaponry you can think of, are not needed. Throw down your war machines, why do we need to be at war?  We all want peace and love and harmony and justice.  We all fight what is right for ourselves, our own truths, but this time we have a common bond and that is Love.  It is all encompassing and it cannot be broken.
We can love everyone, take each day with stride, don’t rush to your next appointment, take your time, enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine.  Look at the World with new eyes, each person has a soul, each person is valuable, one is not more important than the next.  We are all important!  All of us want to no longer be in pain, whether it is physical or mentally.  We all want that common bond with the next person.
We all want to trust, all of us want to look into anyone’s eyes and see love, talk to people when you go out into the World, let them know you care about the World and those that inhabit it. When you go outside, talk about how all of us have to raise our vibrational state of matter to a higher frequency, which means we all need to meditate, we all need to see our Higher Selves, we are all God, all of us collectively as one whole being, is God.  If we are to maintain this God, we have to come together again and become one as God.  We can do this, but we cannot do this alone.  We need each other.
Love all of those around you, it is very contagious if you keep it consistent.  Watch as your vibrations change, your make-up will change along with the higher frequencies changing your way of life and those lives around you.  Be good to yourself, be good to others. Love all, never stop and most importantly be kind, if you do not understand something someone is saying, ask them to clarify what they meant by it.  This way, you won’t assume, like I can be guilty of at times, and make up something that isn’t.
Here is a video that a friend of mine, Maarten Horst, sent to me, I have seen it before, but it is something I think all of us need to see again.  Be as one!  Love as one!  We are one!

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