~By Wendy Zangari
What an interesting series of events. I was actually trying to find out who drew this picture that I have come to love so much, and have been using as my Ready For The Shift profile picture.
My husband gets an email in regards to his awakening!  It inspired many, it inspired some to look within themselves and they too started writing about their own awakenings. This is very cathartic. It even compelled this person to help us in ways that I could never imagine someone whom we just met, via email, wanted to help people he didn’t even know. How amazing!!  God bless this World and all that lives in it.
Next thing you know, as my husband is going back and forth with this person, via email, they mention that they know the person that drew this particular painting, among others, and that they live just 2 miles from them. Her name is Jospehine Wall and you can check out her gorgeous work at http://www.josephinewall.co.uk/index.html .  I am now going to give her complete credit for her work, it is absolutely amazing.
What a small World we live in to have such a amazing gift has been given to me, I was just looking yesterday to find out who did this painting and lo and behold this person contacts Greg and they know the Artist.  Now this is how the World will be, it will get smaller and smaller just because we have the gift of the six degrees of separation, which transcends into we are all one! When someone knows someone else, nine times out of ten, we know someone down the line from whom they know, it’s inevitable.  What an amazing painting Josephine Wall, I am hoping I can get in contact with her to say Thank you. Thank you for your wonderful gift you have and thank you for the wonderful visions you produce.  We should all be so blessed as Josephine Wall.

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