~By Wendy Zangari
I just had a deep conversation about my last post with my husband.  We were discussing how everything can be nothing and nothing can be everything.  If you look at us as beings, as separate, than this is not what this is about.  Look at those sheets that are on your bed, who made them?  Where did the fabric come from? If we look at these things and see them as separate from us, then we need to look again.  It took energy to make those things.  It took energy and resources to make that bureau that holds all of your clothing.  It took beings to make your house that you live in.  That energy remains in these items, they were made with love and they were made to make other people happy because that was the talent they had and they shared it with all of us.
Think about this, if we were all a meteor at one point, and this is just an example, and when we hit earth we split up into a million pieces.  These pieces were molecules that separated from it’s original source and flew all around the Planet.  Now there are millions of people that arrived from this one source.  What we want to do is get back to that one source we once were.  That is the purpose.  We will not end up in nothingness and nothingness is only in your mind.  I like to think of things as everything, as all things, not nothing.  That is one fact that I did not jive with on my last post, I posted it anyway because it was the whole article, I couldn’t pick apart someone’s article, as I would not want it done to my article. 🙂  So, I just wanted to clarify my thoughts on the last post, because it seemed to have brought up a lot of questions in my husband and I answered him as best as I could, with what I answered with above.

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