~By Wendy Zangari
Thank you so much Jean for showing me this, I already saw dutchsince’ video on this, but the fact that Congress has been notified, well does that mean the President was notified as well, probably, so what can we all do about this?  Raise your vibration to a level that is way too high for the illuminati to understand, let them know we will stand and we won’t fall!  Also, If all of you do not know by now, the tornadoes in the Midwest were and have been planned.  Once again the illuminati want to reduce population.  That is okay, do you understand that we live on, we do not die, our consciousness never dies,  and that we actually become more enlightened when we die?
Here is Dutchsince doing what he does best and the letter to Congress, which I am going to DM to the US President on Twitter, that will be the 3rd article today that I have bombarded him with. I hope he is okay with that and I hope that he does in fact read my site.  🙂
From: dutchsinse | May 26, 2011  |

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