I have just sent this to all my Congressional representatives. If you are of the same mind, please send something similar to your Congress people.. Thanks!

This link will get you to the site for your particular Senators/Representatives email addresses: http://thomas.loc.gov/
This concerns what appears to be HAARP weather-warfare against the people of this country. I have placed on my blog a letter sent from another North Carolinian to our Senators and her Representative with the suggestion that others copy it and send it to their Congress people concerning the apparent use of HAARP against the people of this country – and our State.
There is a blogger with an interest in weather who has figured out that 24 – 48 hours after there is a HAARP outbreak, we have severe tornadoes. He has taught us on his blog to see the HAARP rings and the Scalar squares, which indicate severe weather is up-coming. He is predicting this with uncanny accuracy. Much of his information has been published on my blog. His work also has been picked up by a newspaper in England. His blog is dutchsinse.com/blog/
I would also like to suggest that you listen to the following interview, Depopulation Agenda – Weather War, posted on my blog:
with Lauren Moret concerning this subject. Lauren’s credentials are posted at this site, but briefly – she worked for 5 years at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and 2 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She established her reputation as a whistleblower in connection with her work at Lawrence Livermore.
Not only is this situation of grave concern, but almost every morning when I walk my dogs, I see the sky is full of chem trails, which also need to be explained to us, the citizens of this country. I have posted information about this on my blog, as well: jhaines6.wordpress.com
Like the initial letter that you can see on my blog, I am asking for an immediate response by Congress, perhaps in the form of hearings, so the people of this country can learn the truth – and I would very much appreciate a personal response of assurance from you to this letter that this problem will receive your immediate attention before more lives are lost or destroyed.
I intend to copy and send this letter to all my Congressional representatives, in both the House and Senate, and I am posting all these letters on my blog with the suggestion that others do the same all over this country.
Thank you very much for looking into this matter for not only the people of North Carolina, but the people of the nation and ultimately I think you will find for the entire planet.
Jean Haines
I have just sent this to all my Congressional representatives. If you are of the same mind, please send something similar to your Congress people.. Thanks! | 2012: How is it happening? What’s the ‘real’ truth?.

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