Dear Friends;
Over the past week we have made several changes to our site.  These changes include moving our site to a new host so that every click is much faster, this also gives us additional options to give you more features, which we may launch later.  In addition we have added a community forum, which can be used to enhance discussion around the articles we post.
We are providing this forum as our service to humanity during the period surrounding Ascension. When we saw several people asking questions on the blog “Comment” fields, we discovered some questions needed more than a “short answer”. We decided that a forum was needed for those “extended” answers. I hope you enjoy these changes and find the forums useful in your emergence as an enlightened soul.
Noted below is the Mission Statement, General Guidelines, and announcement surrounding the launch of our community forums.
Although we have links trying to point people to current forums surrounding Disclosure and Ascension, we created this space as another safe haven for both Lightworkers and emerging Lightworkers. Even though we created this forum to allow extended discussion of articles posted on, this forum is also open to any and all discussions surrounding Ascension and Disclosure which are not discussed within our blog site articles.


This is not a place for anger or hatred. This is a site that allows you to read information that we find interesting, or that we feel will aid in Disclosure and topics surrounding Ascension, among other topics. If you feel the need to comment on Government Policies and how we can change things in this world for our highest good, please do so respectfully. We ask that you do not “judge” a post or comments, but by all means, please let us know your viewpoint – just do so without dishonoring or criticizing another community member. Note that other than our mission and background info which is open to all, this entire forum site is locked down and no one is able to see any post or member list without being a registered member of the community.
This forum is a place of peace, a place to reach a higher understanding of self, a place where you can feel safe enough to comment without being ridiculed. It is a safe place to find discussion surrounding news articles that perhaps are not in the mainstream, as well as issues surrounding Disclosure, Ascension, etc.. We are here to provide a free service, we do not get paid for this service and we discuss what is passionate or vibrates highly with us. These may not be your personal truths. If you find that our articles or discussions are riddled with incorrect information, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] and we will respond to you as rapidly as possible and we can discuss the issue at hand that may need correction or clarification. We are all about finding the truth! When sending an e-mail regarding incorrect info, please provide links with the correct information or any other relevant material. These links and other material need to illustrate the issue at hand.
As noted on our blog, Wendy’s background is in Computers, and she has been in the Information Technology field for 12 years now. I have been in the Medical /Clinical Trial Operations field for over 25 years. Combined we have a lot of insight in regards to Information Technology and Medical Research, along with Government Policies in regards to these subjects, as well as many others. We are professionals and do not accept childish antics, name slinging or disrespect of any kind, implicit or perceived. We understand that you may be passionate, as well in regards to what we write, but we ask that you speak in a respectful manner. We would appreciate this very much.
We are very easy going people, however if you comment on this forum with anger, we will delete the post and move along. So, if you do not see your post on our forum, this is the reason why.
Please note that this is primarily a spiritual forum. Many people in this group discuss information that has been channeled to them via a psychic medium, their higher-self or via their personal guides. We also discuss channeled messages from other sources such as Matthew Ward and SaLuSa. Please remember to discern carefully when reading someone discussing their own or someone else’s channeled messages!
Although this channeled information may be held as a truth by the community member discussing an issue, this information may not feel as thought it is a personal truth for you. Please be respectful when someone is discussing their personal truth(s) as they do not post this to challenge your beliefs, but only to explain their own. If you don’t feel the channeled information given rings true with your high heart, just take what does ring true and leave the rest behind. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy yourselves, makes some new friends and enjoy the discussion.
Please click on the button “Forum Registration” at the top of the page, to take you to the Forums.
Wendy & Greg Zangari
Ready For The Shift

© 2011 – 2012, Ready For The Shift. ™ Wendy & Greg Zangari, All rights reserved. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute these articles on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.

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