Our Tax Dollars At Work
~By Greg Zangari
Today I saw a video, apparently from the Pentagon, detailing plans to use this FunVax to turn off the “religious” feeling that religious fundamentalists have. They said they can use a cold virus for the carrier, which means broad administration via Chemtrails and not your typical vaccine administration. They explain that they have found out how to manipulate the gene (VMAT2) and now know how to “turn it off”. They noted it would be affective in places like the Middle East in order to stop terrorism (of course). The speaker discusses the gene VMAT2, also known as the “God Gene” and shows an MRI illustrating the “lit up” sections of the religious vs the non-religious brain. If you ask me, it would be effective everywhere, not just in the Middle East. Anything that is meant to be spread by air does not have the ability to only “land” in one place. What better way to move Lightworkers out of the bliss state than this? I can’t think of a better way for them to deflate our work to the point where our passion for it becomes ineffective.
Pentagon: FunVax – A virus to control you via Chemtrails.
When I worked in the pharmaceutical service sector, I was conducting a Compassionate Use Study for kids with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) using gene modification to cut the thickness of sputum in this disease, allowing these kids to breath better and potentially to increase their lifespan beyond 25-30 years. There were many basic science research studies (with both molecular and animal models used) being performed on CF at that time to try and cure this horrible disease. A group of researchers said they had found the gene which causes the abnormal lung function in CF. The research involved attaching the modified gene via a cold virus incorporated into a mouse RNA. They took the virus-incorporated mouse RNA and the method to be used to introduce this gene modification into their system was to have the patient inhale this virus either nasally or with a typical inhaler device like the ones asthma patients use. Once it is in the lungs, this modifying viral RNA would/should be able to change the way the lung cells are made and when new lung cellls are produced they would be “normal”. This research was going on in 1994 when I was attending a research session at a Nation CF Foundation’s Annual Meeting. So what I am saying here is that this type of research regarding changing a gene’s expression via RNA has been going on for years. This is not new tech.  Please note the date in the video is 2005, so this alone has been going on for 6 years, I would think that they perfected the technology by now, don’t you?
So do we really think they would only use it on religious fundamentalists in the Middle East? Aren’t biological weapons banned? Would you please join me in writing to your elected officials and ask them if they are aware of this? This research needs to be shut down immediately. Isn’t it customary to sign an Informed Consent document prior to ingesting or inhaling any experimental drug?
Background info on VMAT2, The God Gene: http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/exchange/node/1830

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