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Javier is a member of one of our current forums communities and he sent this video to Greg today. Thank you so much Javier!!
For years we have been trying to find out how to bring clean drinking water to the area where the local water supply is tainted.  Now there is an invention to drink clean water out of wind power. We should be able to provide fresh filtered water to all countries and cities that do not have access to clean water locally or having to travel a far distance to retrieve their water.
We can’t imagine not having clean water here in America, we take it for granted.  Could you imagine if you lived in a very dry climate and had to carry heavy containers of water on your head for miles?  This will provide them with the ease of getting water right out of a spigot with no need to break their  bodies in order to obtain this water. This will also provide these waterbearers with free time to create with their minds and find new ways to assist their communities.
A device that was created by inventor, Marc Parent, in France, detailed in the video below.  This is a wind turbine nicell that’s internals have the ability lowers the dew point of the surrounding air and creates condensation, this condensation is filtered into clean drinking water. The clean water collects in the huge shaft of the wind turbine unit and is distributed via a faucet at ground level, that produces 1000 liters per day and puts out 30kW of power, which is not that much.  This unit can provide clean drinking water to about 80% of the Earth’s surface.  It rains inside the Turbine and that is what people are drinking. Just amazing. Here is a little background from the Eolewater website.
Typically I wouldn’t display this much information from a website; the reason why we are doing this is to show you that the World is starting to change their moral values.  Marc Parent could have charged a premium for this device, but instead Parent relates that he wanted to lower the price to give access to those that may not have the funds to purchase something of this nature.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Pharmaceutical companies could do the same thing for anti-cancer therapies?  These are the types of values that we want to see in big business as we move towards the future.
Eole Water in a few words : our values


Drinking water access
In July 2010, the UN General Assembly has recognized water quality access and sanitation installation as a human right.
Still, even today, up to 900 millions of people in the world have no access to a drinking water with high quality and over 2,6 billions do not have any basic sanitation installations.
Two millions of people, mostly children, die each year from diseases because of unsafe water consumption and lack of sanitation. Thanks to its technology, Eole Water is committed in fighting for drinking water access all around the world.
The WMS technology allows a local production and supply of drinking water, respecting the World Health Organization standards. Eole Water proposes a clean water for the human consumption.
Respect the environment
All water collected by the technology comes from the ambient air.  The technology has been built around an environmental approach and in particular the protection of our natural water resources such as: lakes, rivers, groundwater and oceans. The wind is the unique power of the technology. The WMS technology is fully self-sufficient and does not reject any C02.
Support local development
While water resources decrease quickly, in large parts of the world, some isolated populations are pushed to walk thousands kilometres to find water.  This chore does not allow them to provide time for essential tasks as: children education, cultivate land, start a business, or simply get a job…
Eole Water gives a solution to solve a part of this problem with a local water production access. There is no need to wait for years before having a working water grid. In a week, our teams have the capacity to install the WMS1000 wind turbine allowing to that people to live serenely.
Share up skills and expertise
Eole Water is committed in education of local population.  On each installation, Eole Water’s teams come and train local technicians for installation and the maintenance of Eole Water products.
This action helps to develop local employment in areas such as: civil engineering, maintenance, water and electricity management.

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