~By Wendy Zangari
Thank you so much for signing up for the forums, in just an hour we have 19 members.  How amazing!!  I cannot wait to discuss all of these articles I have been posting in the past few months.  I so appreciate all of you reading this site.  My husband has worked so hard on the forums and I really appreciate that he did this for us.  He is amazing!  Now I see you guys emailing him. I am so glad that you guys feel comfortable talking to us. You are awesome!!
Just so you know, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, nor would you be here if it weren’t for Greg and myself.  This is what makes this so beautiful!  We are all one and we all want to make this World we live in, a better place!  I know for me that I want complete happiness, complete bliss and I know that we need each other to obtain this together.
What a wonderful road we are on together and I am so grateful that all of you are on this journey with many other Lightworkers to raise the vibrational rates of this Planet, which will transcend to other Galaxies and Universes, perhaps even Multiverses!  We need to do this now and continue for as long as it takes.  This is our mission, something that we had planned prior to birth on this planet.  We will start to remember what we had agreed to, perhaps you will find someone you know from a previous space and time.  We can grow together and I am so glad that I can provide an outlet that you will feel safe in.  I hope that all of you join so that we can discuss all of these topics that are so pertinent in our time now.
In Love and Light,

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