~By Wendy Zangari
When one projects ones feelings onto another, not claiming their own feelings, it can be a tricky spot to be in and to realize.  As we are in that moment of projecting our feelings onto someone else, we do not see the light, we cannot see the light.  Ego gets in the way of the light.  I have no ego, I get shy when someone compliments me, I get shy when someone praises me, I feel as if I don’t deserve it most of the time.  Let me correct that, I have an ego, but I try so hard to stifle it and not judge.  However, in a situation where I feel as though I am being attacked, which is my perception, and the other person also feels attacked, this is their perception, this is a different story and I have to stick up for myself.  Where in lies the truth?  Both of our feelings are valid to ourselves, but if we look deeper, what do we see?
Pertaining to my situation, I see a person that wanted me to post something to my site, I looked it over and it was wonderful, except they had an underlying agenda and this was thrown at me at the last minute.  I want to make something clear, and I am not being condescending, as this person has said I was to him, when I only sent him love in my emails and he interpreted them as holier than thou and lecturing, I don’t lecture, but this is my site and I do pay for it, and I do have a say what goes up on my website and what does not.  I will not put your email address on my site for advertisement.  I will not put your forum URL’s on my site for advertisement either, unless I look into it and see what it is all about.  I do not post anything I know nothing about, does that make sense?  I don’t mean to sound harsh either. 🙂
This is what I was trying to explain to this person, but they took this as me lecturing him as if he were a child.  That is not my feeling, that is not what I invoked, this person invoked this upon themselves.
You cannot put onus on someone else for your feelings, they are your feelings and reactions and have nothing to do with me.  If this person looks deep within themselves they will find out the root cause of their anger rather than lashing out towards me saying that I am not evolved as I think I am and that I have a lot of work to do.  Well, that is something that I will be working on, but it is not of your concern.  I am always creating a better me and I don’t do anything unless I feel in my gut that it is right.
I don’t like hidden agendas either.  This is something of what the cabal would do.  Something that they would try to get me off of my path.  It won’t work.  It’s not that simple, I have more understanding of what ascension is and the higher vibrations as I affect over 200 miles in radius around me with my energy, I know what power we have.  It is the energy that moves us up forward in achieving the ultimate bliss of our minds and souls.
We are supposed to act as one in this time, not be upset and insulted that I will not advertise for you or whatever the case may be. I told this person that they can make their own weblog, but apparently, even after asking a few of his friends to post this on their sites, and then they never got back to him, well this leads me to believe something isn’t right about this whole situation.
So, in ending, I will say to this person, I am sorry if I offended you, but this is my site, you asked me to look at something and you wanted me to advertise your sites.  We just started this forum and this is a place for my readers to go to discuss my articles, not a place for advertising.  This person has since left the Forums, so hopefully we will not have any of these types of issues in the future, in regards to this situation, since I believe I made my position clear in this post.
I hope that you understand my position here, I am not trying to be a meanie, but I do not want to discourage you from sending me articles you find interesting and a tidbit of what you want to say about  it.  I will see what it is that you want me to post and see if it jives with me and I will post it attributing it to you.  Please do not let this deter you from sending me what you may find interesting.   I do a lot of research on my own, take some from friends sites and try to provide a safe haven for all of you to discuss the upcoming events with ascension.  I hope that you can understand my position here.
Thanks for listening. 🙂

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