~By Wendy Zangari
Now I am unsure as to whom Steve is speaking of and that is not the important thing here.  What I loved about this article he wrote, is the passion behind it. It was bold and in your face and could not have been any clearer.
I understand, and I think it is exactly what we, as a collective of souls who are indeed getting the word out, understand.  I am hoping the readers too understand that we are not telling you that we are going to be saved by the Galactics and all is well.
Once we reach this understanding of constant vibration among us all, this will deter the illuminati and make it so that they will be as soft as a mouse whispering in the wind, unless they choose to ascend with Gaia and all of us as Galactic Beings.  Our vibration of harmony will transcend all bad and there will be no place for it in the World any longer.  We are going on a trip with Earth, like I said before.  A trip ascending along with the Earth, we do not die, but we will be in the New Age.
However, when this happens we will still have trash on the ground and pollution that will need to be cleaned up by the Galactics, as our archaic technology is no match for what needs to be done.  We are in the cave man age of our era and once we reach the Golden Age with the Earth we will need to help clean this place to a shiny new planet, as this hidden technology is given to us for this part of our mission together, it will simplify our lives.  Also, the Galactics cannot do this all by themselves, just as they need us to raise the vibrations of the masses, we will need to do the same with Gaia and give her a rebirth in the 5th dimension.  Do you know who is going to help us?  These wonderful Crystal and Rainbow Children along with all of us Indigo’s and our Galactic Family, which whom we will recognize at this time because all memories will be restored.
At this time we will be all healed as we will once again live in a temperate climate and we will not have any weather patterns to speak of. There will be no war and there will be no money, we will work together and all will be equals, no one will be better than the next, we will all be of service to each other and ourselves.  The more and more I dream when I am sleeping, my memories are growing.
I see these visions in my dreams like a movie and I am sitting back and watching it all happen in front of my eyes.  Perhaps Astral Projection in a sleep state, is the proper term for this.  I take 6Mg of Melatonin at night and that is because I have been on SSRI’s (anti-depressants) for almost 30 years now, my seratonin levels are very low and with this supplement it rebuilds my seratonin over time when I am sleeping. This helps in aiding me to be able to do this more often now, which is wonderful.  Open your third eye and see the light to the other side, we don’t use that part of our brain.
We need to understand that the illuminati in the big corporate business world, owns the industries and tell them what to sell and how to sell it or they are out of a job and their company will not survive.  That is not a threat by the illuminati, these are promises they make to these business owners and they have to abide, because they needed the investment money in order to thrive.  These conditions are made throughout the corporate world all over.  In order to stop this from happening, we do things to change our own ways of thinking and our habits of doing things. Slow down, meditate and take time for you.  Breathe, sit, relax, enjoy, and meditate and keep peace and harmony in your heart for always.  Say no to your boss for once, tell them that 80 hours a week is not what you signed up for and that they will need to hire someone else if they do not abide by your standards.  What are you afraid of?  Did you know that you are provided for, that God will give you just enough to get by in hard times and somehow money just shows up at odd times? Did you know that the illusion is what you make of your personal world?  Did you know that we all have personal truths and if we sat down with ourselves to look at those personal truths, we can clear our path to a better us?  What better way is there to live?  I can’t think of any.  Can you?
I have to say that some of my writings I think tend to be automatic writing, because as I look back and read what I wrote I do not recognize who wrote it.  Very interesting.  Well, at least my higher self is being guided in the right direction and is far away from the dark, as much as I have ever been.  So I do feel blessed to have my Angels and Archangels surround me with love.  It is the most tender feeling and you feel that tingle in your gut, what an awesome feeling, for that I am blessed. Thank you Angels, I love you my brothers and sisters!
Now onto the best Enlightened Master I know in this realm.
Here is an excerpt from this video:
From the works of Living Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this clip taken from discourse titled, “From Known to Knowing” Swamiji gives an in-depth understanding of the three bodies. In this ananda sutra technique given to us by Mahadeva, Swamiji explains to us that in the physical body, the gap between us and the world outside is large. In the dream state this gap is small. That is why the moment we suspect we are in the dream state we wake up. Form is the essence of the physical body and prana is the essence of the dream body. Knowing (and not known) is the essence of the deep sleep state. A person who can handle all three bodies and can go beyond is enlightened. By understanding all the three bodies, the focus will be shifted to the fourth state of consciousness, the turiya state. The complete discourse may be ordered on line or downloaded at www.lifeblissgalleria.com.

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