~By Wendy Zangari
Receiving the power to be anything you can be, this man can produce electricity because his chakras are balanced.  Once we balance our chakras and center ourselves and become one with our higher selves, we will be able to do such things.
Can you imagine a world where we have the power to create anything with our minds eye and make it happen?  Well this man can do just that, he is an Acupuncturist and has been doing this since he was young.  It is a mind over matter type of ideal and staying with that thought process within yourself and feel it run within you.
If anyone has ever watched the series “Heroes”, well, they were in fact telling us what our powers can do.  However, if you choose to use this power for evil, it will come back to you, as karma does.
I choose to learn these powers in a safe manner, I choose not to use them, once I receive them, for evil, I will use my powers only for good.  This is my oath to all living beings, big and small!  I will not waiver from this decision as these powers will soon be given to all of us.  We will be able to do more than just this and you will be amazed at all of the things that you can do that has been kept from you.  Your brains have been suppressed by the illuminati working through big business corporations and the Pineal Gland blocker agents that they sell to us in food and the like.
If you could heal your own self or others with your hands, just as this gentleman does in the video below.  You will be amazed at other things that he can do, but this, he prefers to use for only healing.  How wonderful, what a medicine man of our time.


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