~By Wendy Zangari
The US Military along with the Pentagon, do not have your best interest at heart. We are an experiment for weather warfare among other things.  We are being used to have chemicals sprayed onto us from above that affect our moods and our health.  We are being used so that the illuminati can keep tabs on us, see what our likes and dislikes are on the internet, they know all of you and you are just an IP (Internet Protocol) address to them, just a glorified way of a household social security number.  We have technology that is 40 years our senior and we are not able to know about it.  Where do you think they got these Virtual Reality games and the like?  It was meant for the military to use their senses in order to kill the enemy.  This method has been used for years and yet has been invented and used many years prior to us having any knowledge of it.  We are the Secret Government’s guinea pigs. We are only sheep to them, we are experiments and you know we don’t have to take it anymore, because we know.
Leuren Moret, a Geo-Physicist, speaks about depleted Uranium along with Google being the “Big Brother” of today!  Watch and discern for yourself.
Leuren Moret Speaks About Depleted Uranium
Google and The Push to Control Your DNA, Part 1 of 3
Google and The Push to Control Your DNA, Part 2 of 3
Google and The Push to Control Your DNA, Part 3 of 3

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