~By Wendy Zangari
Our Solar System is moving into the Age of Aquarius. Are you awake?  Are you aware?  Do you feel the energies shifting?  Do you see Gaia cleansing herself in preparation?  Do you feel that?  I do.  I am awake. I am aware and today I have to say I feel extra energized and I have to ask to have them calm it down a bit, because the buzz is going through to my fingers.  I guess I have to go outside with Greg (I will have to force him) and ground myself and give back some of this energy that I am feeling.  I am finding it extremely hard to write as my hands are shaking.
Anyway, so this is what we are heading for, we have these energies, as I am feeling right now, run through our systems like a zap of electricity!  Give some back to the planet.  Phew, believe it or not, I just asked my guides to turn it down a bit and they certainly did just that.  WOW!  WOW! WOW!  This is unbelievable, the feeling that I had in March is back and in full force.  Wow!  Awesome!  Okay, now to waking up!  WAKE UP!  Look at what I am going through as I write this to all of you.  I am going through a power surge and perhaps it was the full moon and the UFOs that were here last week.
Our Brothers and Sisters applaud us, that we know, they love us and are proud that we have awakened.  Did you know that we are of one energy source and we are finally going back to source, this is not death, oh no.  We will not die, we will survive for the rest of eternity, we will be!  We will not have any worries or strifes to think of, we will have no money, but still live in abundance.  We will be in harmony will all beings, including animals.  Animals will be in harmony with all wildlife and will survive on energies as we will.
Have you found yourself hungry lately, but not wanting to eat?  Well, there will come a time when we will no longer need food for sustenance.  Everything within our beings will be what it was initially meant to be.  Did you know that you have a Higher Being or Higher Self, because our bodies cannot fit our whole spirit inside these tiny bodies?  We were not meant to be this short, and even if you think you are tall, well we are supposed to be 13 or 14 feet tall, we are Galactic Beings, you know.
We are not alone, do not think we are, we have our Galactic Families watching out for us.  They cannot do anything until the Government gives them the go ahead to disclose themselves to the masses.  They cannot interfere with free will and that is why they cannot assist us any further than what they have already done to help us.  These catastrophes that are happening all over the world are not as bad as they could have been if they did not intervene.
We need to be patient as to when the announcement will be, they cannot give us an exact date as this could be sabotaged by the cabal and the like.  We want to keep this secret enough so that they are unaware of the timing.  Which they will not be able to reveal through these writings as the time lines are vague and will remain that way until the minute it happens and they come down to introduce themselves while the President of The United State, Barack Obama, welcomes them to our planet and thanks them for their unyielding assistance.
Remember, we are all one, we all come from one energy source, and we all love you as you love us.

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