~By Wendy Zangari
I took some time this week to fix myself and my World and yet the outside World is un-hemming itself at the seams. So many things happened this week that I still found time to keep up with this type of news, but sheesh, I could not have taken off a worse week. So many things occurred, I almost didn’t keep up with it all.  Plus I got an ear infection this week along with a pulled muscle in my side, so not much got done on my end this week, except a Doctor’s visit and a few trips to the pharmacy as well as a few loads of laundry.  At least that got done. So my plans this week were sabotaged and when I felt better someone or something perhaps, kicked me in the side to keep me down some more. Lovely!   🙂
Enough of my sorrows, here is what happened in the outside world this week! Here we are learning our History all over again.
So did all of you know that we just found out that the first moon landing on July 20th, 1969, was a lie?  It was a film that was made in the UK, Stanley Kubrick along with Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, The CIA, along with many others decided that this would benefit both sides and the public was never to find out.  We are the ones that they lied to.  Americans are thought of as gullible idiots, which we are!  I was once a follower of the masses because I was employed, running a fast paced life, not seeing the bigger picture.
Here you can see what we are really putting up in space, drones that circle the Earth in 92 minutes and can drop on us and kill us if need be, when it fancies them and where it fancies them.  As you can see the US Military and the US Government are the actual terrorists here.  We have created space weaponry that can kill a whole civilization if they want to. Another thing I wanted to add was that Japan was hit with the Tsunami by America by one of these drones. We are the terrorists and we are creating terrorists by assassinating people aimlessly. Unbelievable!
Also a few criminals were caught, including Whitey Bulgar, who is a former FBI Informant that worked for the dark hats and has been on the run for 15 years now with his girlfriend.  They found the two in California and well the FBI caught one of their own, he was the top 10 most wanted men in the US and was from my home, Boston, so I knew this story well.
Plus a bunch of UFO’s were seen above London, people are saying this is a hoax, if it is, it is very well done, however the clouds are not moving, is that a CGI hologram type background?  Perhaps. I would love to know what you think as you can discuss this on the forums.  Interesting stuff.
Other news was that they found 2 new crop circles in the UK.


Then I got this from my husband’s facebook page as this is an amazing movie of the crop circles that were found around the world and the message that the ET’s are trying to tell us.  This is subtitled in English.  The Mayans knew that we are moving towards the light and the ET’s are here to relay the message.
So, as you can see it has been a busy week for the World.  I sat around watching it all happen before my very eyes, one by one disclosure is upon us and information is on the fast leak.
Plus there were floods in the Midwest of the US caused by HAARP. no less. Here Dutchsince takes on a new meaning to home sweet home in Missouri, surviving the same storm.
So it’s been a very busy week for the Illuminati, as you can see, plus we are getting messages from our Ancestors in space through signs in our crops.  So, just know we are protected and they are waiting patiently to meet us, as they know us well and we do not yet know them.  Keep in mind that if you have peace in your heart, even though all seems to fall apart around you, you will have peace of mind and the light will be for raising the vibrations of this planet as the no-gooders are caught one by one and cannot survive freely with our higher vibrational state.
As we travel with Earth in the Galaxy through the Universe, we are being led to the light, the sun, which sound is Om/Aum (When I said Ohm, I was thinking mathematically, as in resistors, sorry it’s the computer geek in me).  The sun gives us what we need for our vitamins, along with the Earth providing our medicine for us.  We are so blessed to be alive witnessing all of this at this time in our lives.  The more that the lower vibrations are caught, the lighter our hearts will be, it will come to fruition that we are going to be the Earth that the Mother Sophia, Gaia, wanted us to be.  It will be Nirvana on Planet Earth.  Lives will be more fulfilled.  So as we watch this news, we are thinking of the new bright future that is in store for us.  How exciting!

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