There is a Scientific, Mathematic, and Chi explanation of what ascension (what others seem to call it) means. I tend to like to call it evolution, some may call it devolution, either way we are all striving for the same things, justice and peace.  These three combined makes up the complete understanding of how we once were and how we are to be again.  We do not remember our past lives, they have been erased from memory with our knowledge and our will, as we chose these paths we lead in life in this plane.
These videos are definitely ones to watch when you have time, but they are a must see to understand more and perhaps bring it home for you.  Also, if you go to this website you can learn about what others are doing to help humanity as a whole. There are a lot of groups that work together to make a difference in this world and we need to stick with these kind of people that have been awakened and are well aware of what is going on in this world.
We are at a time where all is being disclosed to us and we can either be angry or embrace our new found truths. I choose to embrace our truths even if they may not be what I want to hear at times. I am not angry we have been lied to all along about how we have had free energy for years now, among other things that we have been lied to about.  It makes me more empowered to find out a way where we can all benefit from that and enjoy life as it is meant to be.
Also if you want to know about the symptoms of evolving your soul, you can go to the first video that is posted below, to find out that the things you are going through, are normal.
Ten Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening
David Wilcock: 2012 Enigma
Steven Greer: The Orion Project
Jim Marrs: The Rise of The Fourth Reich (Project Camelot Interview)

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