~By Wendy Zangari
It’s been very difficult for me to write this morning, because my energies are low today.  Is there a lot of chaos occurring today in the World today?  I feel as though our energy is low as a collective, which means we all need to go back to basics and start again in clearing your Chakras, this includes me as well.
So I feel better now!  I just did the meditation below and wow it works as it is so amazing and at the end I was so relaxed, but then at 34 minutes or so, I heard waves crashing and it woke me out of my trance, if you will, and I feel energized now. Not sure what I will write about today since I don’t have much to say to all of you, just that we need to keep our peace.  We see so much going on in Syria, now Greece, and a warrant for Ghadaffi’s arrest so late in the game.  California is most likely still dealing with the side of the road that just fell off into the Pacific near Big Sur, which I actually drove on when I went to visit friends out there.  What a breathtaking view, I almost couldn’t breathe it was so amazing!  The mountain on one side and the ocean on the other, I could not have gotten any closer to God at that moment when I drove up that highway. I cannot wait to go back, but I digress again.
When I was doing the meditation below, I threw all of these things going on in the World out of my mind, I thought of the peacefulness of the ocean waves as they splash on thy face with such grace and beauty!  I thought of how peaceful my husband and I are going to be to each other from now moving forward forgetting about the past, only moving forward and learning from the past, but not dwelling on it. It has taken me a long time to realize that and it is a constant struggle with this duality and the frequencies of the World, to stay positive and gain that strength to move on and take each day as they come.  It’s not easy and it takes practice, so being non-perfect, I too, have to clean my side of the street still and to take on meditation to clear my mind, my thoughts, my practices and to bring them into fruition is something we all need to work on.  Focusing on what kind of future do you want to be in, what kind of future do you want for your children?
A friend of mine asked me in an email how I got to this point in my life and how I am receiving enlightenment?  I wanted to reply here, because this is a perfect spot to answer her, I will also answer her email, but I know that she is reading this and will also understand how I came to this point in my life.
When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a year and a half ago I was down for the count and I thought that it was for good.  My Doctor’s kept telling me to meditate and I kept pushing back and told them I can’t, it’s too hard, I can’t focus, I am in so much pain, and I am not sleeping well.  As time went on we have regulated my medications so that I can focus and get rest and actually get REM sleep, which I was not getting. When my health got better in that aspect I was able to focus and get the proper rest that I need in order to cope in everyday life.  I also had to start eating better, so I was a mess.
I started out with watching Food Inc. a year and a half ago, it disgusted me that I was eating animals that were treated in a way that was appalling, so I started eating organic fruits and vegetables and only meat if I found out it was from the farm I was buying it at or it was organic.  Since this time I knew I had to do other things as well, in addition to eating better, which is always a struggle and I am not perfect, by any means.  I started trying to look around town for Farmer’s Markets and the like, then I ended up at Trader Joe’s, that is my new place that I go to, which was suggested to me time and time again, but being stubborn makes me learn things the hard way.  I have to see it myself and figure it out myself.  It’s always a learning process when I am around. 🙂  So, I started eating better, I have lost 31 pounds since then and Greg has lost about the same, if not more.
Then, if that wasn’t enough, because I am so involved with what is going on in the World, because being unemployed and not being able to work now, not only because of intermittent pain, but because I take care of my husband as well, along with 8 cats and 2 leopard geckos, but they are the easy part, so I have a lot of time on my hands. So I got wrapped up in the news and all of the seriousness of it all and how the World was being affected, and I let it get to me that it affected me physically.  I had to change something again, hey how about that meditation my Doctors suggested?  Not yet.
Greg woke up with the holiday lights I put up and pretty much showed me the rest of the way, because he was on a search for God. He found Steve Beckow’s site and he was talking about all of the things that I was complaining about and getting my stomach all in knots.  However, going through Steve and his resources I found that the way to deal with these emotions is through compassion for the person.  An example is Ghadaffi.
You ask how could you have compassion for a person like Ghadaffi? That is where learning about your higher self comes in and the fact that you were your own soul’s plan.  You chose your life pre-birth, you can also choose to go against your soul’s plan, but that is where free will comes in.  If you choose your life, then there is a reason for it.  There is a reason you have set out, for yourself, some of the struggles you have had previously in your life. I thought about this long and hard and I tried to understand it, until I prayed about the understanding of this and it came to me like a light bulb went off in my head.  I kept having “a-ha” moments, revelation after revelation.
What I realized was that this did not mean that Ghadaffi was a mean man, he just has his own realities, which perhaps are not the same realities of the people anymore, but they are in fact his.  I understood this as having compassion for him because Ghadaffi, couldn’t and cannot still, understand why other’s did not and do not see the law his way.  He is fueled with anger now and he cannot see straight, this is what I feel, because I know what happens when I get angry I see red and I cannot see reason. So I related to Ghadaffi in that sense and I understood him even though it is convoluted, I understand now how he is reacting and not seeing anything else.  He is striking back with pride.
Pride is one thing that we need to get rid of.  Not that we forget about our accomplishments, but know them and move on to make more accomplishments and focus on future accomplishments.  This leads to Ego, the Id, it is something we need to also get rid of, it is not needed as we are all accomplished human beings, we are one.  Imagine if we took all of the personalities and traits of everyone on this planet and molded it into one being, that is us, we are one being, one soul and we know each other from past lives. All of those that  you have met and all of those that you have not yet met are a part of you. Take pride in that. That is something to be proud of, we can get back to that one consciousness that we once were, we will. It will take time and practice, but we will. Have faith and love, and happiness will follow.

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