~By Wendy Zangari
Well I overdid it yesterday and today as I cleaned the 9 inches (not really, but close) of dust in the bedroom and it took me 8 hours with breaks.  Then today I spent the day building my husband his new computer, because his old one isn’t acting reliable anymore and I exhausted myself out of writing these past couple of days.  I did want to say that yesterday was my 39th birthday and I had a fun time cleaning, but I am down for the count for a few days, but I will be writing intermittently as I feel the need to.  🙂
I also wanted to say that I had a very special visit at 2:45 in the morning on my birthday, my mom came to visit me and I immediately got out paper and pen, which I never do.  It was unusual, but somehow this time I felt the need.  Here is the conversation that we had it made me smile and cry, only because I miss her so much.
Mom: Hi Wendy, Happy Birthday, I miss you!
Wendy: MOM!  (I started crying, I haven’t heard from her in a while) I miss you!
I don’t have much time but I wanted to let you know you are on the right path and we are all waiting for the both of you.
How are you?  What are doing there now?
We speak about how we can help our loved ones in such a dire time in history. There is so much to know and I cannot even fathom what else we need to learn, but I do know that it is pertinent to the now.
What do you mean?  Can you explain?
Well, there are a lot of atomic bombs that are waiting to be shot down from space [I understood this as the Illuminati have atomic bombs in space, not the Galactics], but we can only wait and see how it all turns out.  Those on this side of the realm cannot interfere with timelines, if we do we change the outcomes of history, good or bad.
So you have to wait until war is over?
Not necessarily, we have to wait until all is more calm in your world for us to aide and assist you in this process.
Will I see you and Dad soon?
Soon enough, but know we still have our mission, however they will not be filled with angst. It will be a time when we all rejoice and understand life and the meaning of it more, and understand who you truly are.
What are we?
Beings of light.
Why did I choose this path?
Because in former lives you have not had it easy and you knew that you could handle this lifetime.
How were we made?
Remember when you used to say to me that you truly thought we were from the stars?  You knew then as a child.  You were very intuitive at a young age.  You were a child that was always filled with hope even when things were so terrible for you, for all of us, for that I am sorry my sweetheart. I am sorry for the times that were not so wonderful, however I know that your father and I did the right things for you children at the time.
Thank you for apologizing, but mom I have gone through things now that surpasses anything I ever went through in the past.
I understand, but I am still cleaning my side of the street and I am still learning.  I knew I was on the right path to God, but I couldn’t reach God.  God had shut down for the evening when I spoke, therefore I felt as though I was not being heard.  Most humans feel that way and they get lost, like I did for so long.
Mom I don’t want to talk about the past, no offense (I knew where she was going with this), I love you, but what am I doing?  Sometimes I feel like I am going through the motions, but I am standing still.
You need to balance your heart Chakra more.  It is essential for this process, in order which all humanity needs to change.
Do you think I am doing okay?
Do YOU think you are doing okay?
I guess, I have just been feeling low lately as I think I take on the World’s emotions.  For instance, yesterday I had to do a really long meditation to get out of this funk and then I see my friends statuses for the day and everyone also had a bad day.  I think I feel too much. [ I was speaking in the sense that I take on the angsty energies of this World on my shoulders].
You can never feel too much for any one thing.  All of us feel and that is what makes up a huge part of your soul.  We [my mom was speaking as a whole] are balls of energy with an awful shell.  However, can you imagine how bored we were to have created the duality game?  I knew it all along, just as I taught you and your sister.
Mom today is my birthday and I feel sad, not satisfied, not happy with the way my life turned out.
WHAT? You are disappointed at yourself?  There is no need to feel that way.  Look at you!  Look at what you have accomplished so far in your life.
What, being a Computer Technician that can’t work in the field anymore?  I can’t go back to work in daycare and I can’t get a job as an Administrative Assistant, let alone a job at a local store.  I am over qualified they say, but I don’t want to be over qualified.  I also gave up looking for a job because my pain is intermittent and Greg can barely walk and can’t leave the bed most days.
Wendy, stop, relax, let things be.  Do not over analyze.  You are not working for a reason; To enlighten people and share your life stories and experiences and to share your soul.
So now my profession is Caretaker and Blogger.
Wendy, you make it sound like nothing.  It isn’t nothing!  Look at the lives you are touching?
I know, but I try to push myself to do more and I fall flat on my face in pain [like I just did these past couple of days].
Wendy, I have to go now, they are calling me, but just know you are doing exactly what you were meant to be doing.  You will be a huge success, you will see.
Thank you mom for the talk, I miss you and love you and cannot wait for our next conversation.
It cannot be too soon, but they are giving me permission because we are family that has extenuating circumstances. I love you my darling and happy birthday from Dad and I. [She always used to say that for both of them]
I love you mom, goodbye.
It’s interesting because I do not talk to my guides or my parents in a way that I ask too many questions about our planet or what is going to happen with disclosure and all of that because I feel like I have other things I need to clear up before I even get to that discussion.  However, I did want to share with all of you that I got a wonderful surprise for my birthday.
I also built Greg a computer today, and tomorrow my mother and brother in law are coming over in the afternoon, so I have to clean the downstairs tomorrow morning.  I am going to be hurting again folks, so my posting might be intermittent this week, sorry about that. Real (or fake, depending on how you look at it) life calls sometimes. 🙂

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