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We need to figure out how to stop these low frequencies from occurring and give the people satellite access instead of these towers, this is old technology and it needs to end, we are ruining our planet and those around us as well as animal and plant life.  We have 13,000 satellites, if not more!  This can go on no longer! Please follow the link (Sandaura’s Blog) below and vote on this poll, it is extremely important.
We need to take a stand and get the military and the government to give us access to technology that is ours to know.  We pay for this in our taxes, we also pay them their salaries as well, with money that is being passed around that is worth absolutely nothing, because we do not have the gold to back it up.  So give the tech to us for free and let us lead easier lives!!  Why do they keep these things from us?  Why?  Are they in that much pain emotionally that they need to make others feel the way he or she has felt their whole lives?  That is not our punishment to be had, it is not our seed to sow, it is theirs and they want everyone to feel the pain and suffer like they did, either in a past life or this one.
So, in essence they can help us, the Government, the military, but they don’t, they hide what they know so that you, as the human race, do not supersede them in knowledge.  It is not the way we want the world to be, we do not want to harm the people, we want to help them, give them the same opportunities as the ones who are privileged to know this information to change the world, and yet they do not share it with us.  Let’s be aware of our surroundings and know what is harming you.  There is a lot we do not know and yet the information is there. Let’s stand up to our State Representatives and let them know that this is NOT OKAY!


Sandaura’s Blog
Posted by: sandaura | March 23, 2011
Would you participate in a march on Washington regarding high radiation and noise pollution from microwave wireless devices?
YES :))))))))))))))))))NO :((((((((UNDECIDED
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A CONSTANT NON STOP LOW FREQUENCY HUM HEARD IN MY HOME We are setting up this blog for victims who are hearing a constant noise in their homes. After reading several blogs related to this particular noise(s), we found that people, in general, are seeking answers as to what is happening to them. One blog was consistent with the descriptors of what we have been describing to the State of Massachusetts. We have confirmed it is a microwave pulsation accompanied by of “pure tones”, illegal in Massachusetts and a few other States. Whether proven to be a pure tone or not; it is a nuisance and it is trespassing on and into your home and the source being the utilities.
The descriptions that are consistently repeated by victims across the country as well as the world are:
1. Constant noise 2. Humming 3.Buzzing 4. Oscillating pulse 5. Thudding thumping rumbling resonance 6. Sounds like a motor idling outside my house 7. can hear it during power outage 8. disturbs sleep 9. unnerving 10. checked all mechanical functions in the home 11. called the utilities; they did nothing 12. Can hear it outside 13. Can hear it sitting with the car turned off. 14. Started hearing it around 2006 to present 15. pressure in the ears and head 16. Not tinnitus 17. Have to sleep with a fan, music, tv to mask the noise; even though I have to listen to another noise than that insidious noise. 18. I can not relax listening to it. 19. Some people hear it some don’t 20. I am afraid to talk about it because people will think I am crazy 21. I have never had trouble sleeping before this noise started 22. Some mention power lines, microwave transmitters, cell towers, gas lines, water lines as a theory. 23. Siren 24. high pitch frequency 25. Pressure in the ears
This is to name a few of the descriptors of hearing the Noise. The Symptoms of the ill effects of being exposed to this noise and radiation pollution are as follows, but not limited to:
Headaches, heart palpitations , insomnia, nose bleeds, muscle aches, nervous tension, irritability, anger, feeling not in control of your environment, alienated and not understood, loss of concentration, tired, feeling your body is buzzing, hissing in the ears from the very high radio frequencies in the Microwave spectrum; travelling through the air.
We have forensic audio evidence that this is in our environment and ubiquitous throughout our community. We have identified the noise in several other towns and cities where we have lived and travelled. We live in a community that does not have cell towers, public sewer, gas lines, industry, major highways. The only thing we have is Broad band high speed internet and Wi-Fi. We did not hear this noise until this was rolled out in our town and same follows in the other places we hear the noise.
We have a fingerprint of this noise as a result of retaining a Forensic Audio engineer. He has confirmed by analyzing recordings of several locations in our town, as well as a recording during a power outage. The results are identical audio fingerprint. It shows a constant noise in the 250Hz narrowband, it is a modulating pulse bursting every second with 1/8 second micro bursts. This is proven science and it has been duplicated and confirmed. The audio recordings have been documented for the past three years, preserved in data form onto CDs. This evidence, along with our 1/3 octave band results showing illegal pure tones/noise, power quality results showing dirty electricity/noise, forensic audio results confirming constant noise, witnesses and other residents in our town who have filed noise complaints with the State. Yet, we are approaching 6 years of willful negligence by the State and Utilities in not acknowledging their culpability and intentions to clean up the harmful pollution impacting our heath and wellbeing.
If you are a victim of this noise please contact us by emailing the [email protected]. The only way we will be able to get attention on this issue, is by proving the pollution is wide spread, which it is. We are looking for victims to post their location and experience of hearing this noise and include when you started hearing it. We are also interested in collecting data in your area. PLEASE, we are only interested personal experiences and nothing that predated Wireless high speed broadband and Wi-Fi rollout.
Please visit our videos on YouTube:
“I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation ofelectromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and the increase in chemical elements in the environment.” Dr Robert O. Becker, M.D. twice nominated for Nobel Prize of this research.

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