~By Wendy Zangari
So we sit here as Americans and take the crap we are handed in a crap platter!  We accept the Government spending money that was ours to begin with, who said they can go to war with our money, who said they can squander our money on hidden projects and hidden hideouts in this world?  Mostly in America, why?  Why?  Mostly because we accept it and move on, we do not question things, until we are the ones victimized, thrown into the system and shown the system and yet we are owned!  Which ever way we turn, we are not free, we are in debt, individually, our States, and our Government.
Today, my husband had to deal with HMO’s for the first time since the 1990’s and it isn’t a pleasant experience when you are the one who is denied for a medication that you can’t get without the insurance’s approval.  Well, my husband’s diagnoses is failed back surgery, he had 4 of them and has been out of the house 15 times or so since April of 2008.  This insurance company, Independence Blue Cross; Keystone 65, which is an Advantage Plan for Medicare, should truly know his case, but they do not, it is a different department and they do not know his case, nor do they care, because it is a business now.  It is not what it once was when I used to work in the Clinical Research Department for a Health Insurance company in Massachusetts as a Research Assistant from 1995 to 1998/1999. It is a different time now and we are owned by these companies. Now I hear that cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits are on the table for discussion to be cut from the budget, by the GOP’s, none the less.  Our world here in America is no better than any of you out there in other countries, as a matter of fact we are prisoners here.  We are no longer free! Were we ever?  Or was it all an illusion?
When my husband bought this house 20 years ago, he owed the same amount we owe now, except now it is going to interest mostly and well we don’t have extra funds to put into the principle.  Plus we have a second mortgage and we owe about the same as our first mortgage on that, we have not been able to pay it down.  Only $30 or so goes to principle on the second mortgage.  So this is our life, it can be messy, but somehow through this struggle we will end up on top.  We have to!
So as we sit here and think about things we want to change in this world and things we want to keep the same or even enhance these programs or whatever they may be.  We need to stand up for our rights and if we have to have internet blogging wars, video wars, twitter and Facebook wars, I could go on, then that is the route we go, but peacefully. 🙂
I do not trust the Government, they are probably reading this now, or watching me from overhead with their aircrafts that can see inside your house or are listening to my conversations, etc.  They created the Internet, they created GPS!  So what do you think their capabilities are?  A friend of mine who is in the military said that he knows things that we do not, things he cannot tell us and just said to me that the Government is way ahead of us in technology.  I love picking the brains of my friends that are in the military or that have worked for the Government in one way or another, sorry guys, but I do.  You tell me more, by telling me that you can’t tell me (referring to something I was speaking of to this person). I know and a lot of people know, a lot of people that may not comment on my site, but I know that my 500 readers a day know!  We are all in the know!  All that is reading this is in the know!  We know!  Let others know!  Speak up, do not be quiet for fear of being ridiculed or spoken ill of, who cares what other people say or think if you know your truths?  If you have to guide them to my website or other websites I post on my site, do so, please.
If these people (Government Workers) speak up, they will lose their pensions and have a hard time finding work as well.  So they took this oath of sworn secrecy when they left their Government job and retired, you wonder what those secrets are?  A lot of people are speaking up because they do not care anymore, their sanity is worth more to them than their pension and anything else the Government has control of.  So we need to speak up for most of them too!
Why can’t Barack Obama go against these underhanded Government Officials? Why does he not have the upper hand as the Commander-in-Chief, what the heck does that title mean then? Nothing if the GOP’s are involved!  Why not cut military spending in regards to the “Black Budget”? Why not do that?  Perhaps we would not be in a deficit now.  Perhaps if we cut HMO’s and stop wasting money on unnecessary paperwork and legwork for all parties involved?  How about we stop doing lotteries and stop wasting people’s time and money?  How about we stop putting space junk and debris we have left in orbit? How about we stop spending money on waste-less things?  How about we ask the ET’s to give us all of their knowledge on technology as well as all of the military secrets in regards to this and help us?
Those are just a few of my gripes to the Government.  I will be sending this to #AskObama because that is where he wants us to send our suggestions, how nice of me to put it in blogging readable format, aren’t I nice? I would suggest that all of you do the same and let him know your gripes, let him know what you want to change, these things have to change now!  We can help this world be a better place by speaking up and NOT being quiet!

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