~By Wendy Zangari
Look at this video below, I am reposting because this first video has UFO’s in the top left hand corner.  Take a look, they are trying to help us lessen the blows of the weather making illuminati.  Thank God for them, I think it would have been worse if they did not intervene, as they have been time and time again in every disaster we have.  They are trying to help us the way they can without scaring the masses.  I bow to these beings and I cannot wait to meet them, they are our brothers and sisters.
So I spoke with a friend of mine who is out in Arizona a few hours ago and he said that this is something they have never seen there, not like this!  Then I see this video on CNN, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here is some footage of this storm along with an article from CNN on this storm.  It is unbelievable, perhaps this was created and yet unknown to the residents! What kind of storm is this and what created it and lighting storms to follow?  Hmmmm, suspicious.
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RAW VIDEO: Lightning lights up dust wall in Perioa.

Flights delayed as dust storm hits Phoenix area
(CNN) — A massive dust storm enveloped areas of Arizona on Tuesday night, causing low visibility and delaying flights in and out of the state’s largest airport.
The violent dust or sandstorm called a haboob typically occurs over desert land and can stretch thousands of feet high, according to the National Weather Service.
It prompted the Federal Aviation Administration to issue a ground stop of about an hour and 15 minutes at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport.
The storm had sustained winds of up to 69 mph and stretched more than 30 miles long at one time, according to a meteorologist for CNN affiliate KNXV-TV.
Parts of the state were also under a severe thunderstorm watch Tuesday night.
More than 10,000 customers were without power at the height of the storm, said spokeswoman Jenna Shaver of the Arizona Public Service.
Many of them now have power, she said.
Haboob comes from the Arabic word for wind and is used to describe sand and dust storms across the world.
In addition to visibility that can cause accidents, haboobs can also uproot trees, damage roofs and bring down power lines.
CNN’s Marlena Baldacci contributed to this report.
Flights delayed as dust storm hits Phoenix area – CNN.com.

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