~By Wendy Zangari
So after my Doctor’s appointment this morning, Greg asks me if we can go for a drive, he never feels good because of his pain and the medications that make him nauseous, but this time, because he is on a new medication now, he was itching to go out.  He overdid it, of course, and walked to the picnic tables and down to see the horses, but he felt renewed, just a little bit, just by going out to see nature.  We have a lot of farms that are near us, it’s odd since we live in a city, but one way is city and the other way is farms and green pastures and all that is right with the world!  Today I took some pictures and I actually made my own little video, so I hope you enjoy this beautiful day as my husband and I did.  This world can be right sometimes and will be right all of the time in the near future.  That is the time I cannot wait for, it is going to be more exciting than now, and the abundance and fulfillment we will all have is going right back to what it once was.
This was where Greg and I went on our first date in 2003 and now we revisited this wonderful place again today. God is good!

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