~By Wendy Zangari
British Police say the death of Journalist, Sean Hoare, is “not suspicious”.  All I can say to this is WHAT?  Unbelievable, well it seems that we cannot even trust our law enforcement officers.  Interesting, they are being caught in instant karma, you will see as time goes on that instant karma will be more prevalent.  These illuminati figures will fall and there is nothing they can do about it.  They are fighting with the light, and the dark hats are not able to sustain their underhanded tactics on the world. It just can’t be that way any longer, we are much stronger than them and once we continue to realize that our thoughts create, we will continue to squeeze them out of society.  They can run and they can hide, but instant karma is stronger than anything they have ever known.
The second video is what Rupert Murdoch got in his hearing today. Even though this person did this to Murdoch, I do not feel that it is appropriate, no matter what Murdoch did.

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