~By Wendy Zangari
A very good friend of mine, whom I met through my late fiancée, Matthew Pickett, years ago, has written the most spectacular children’s book.  I asked Adam to send us a copy, if he could of course, and he did, signed by him and all, we feel honored.  This book shows the love of a father coming home from work to enjoy spending time with their child (which they love to read to him, of course), and how the wife gets to take a break for a while and find her Zen after a long day.  It is about love and compassion, it is about how to manage your time better to be able to spend time with your wife and family, good quality time.
Adam and his wife, Casey, whom I adore completely, are role models for modern day families.  They know how to separate their time so that it is well spent and filled with love.  Because Adam and Casey live in California, I have not yet met their son as of yet, but I hope that someday we can all be close together, like Casey and I dream of and talk about so fondly together.  I cannot say more wonderful things about this family, they are idealistic, and know what is most important in life, family.
Below you will find more about Adam J. Roth’s book as well as the website to purchase a copy.  I hope you enjoy this book, because even as adults, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Adam and Casey for being role models to society.  You are very blessed.
About the Book
Family reading from a father’s voice is an area of children’s books that I feel has been overlooked. My book, Checking up on Daddy, reveals a jubilant and endearing concept in literature for children ages two to four years. Checking up on Daddy was spawned by the “handoff” that many dads experience upon their return home from a long workday. For those who may not know, the handoff is the moment when tired Mom meets Dad at the front door to pass the child along. During the first year in caring for my son, Ethan, the handoff was accompanied by a rhythmic verse my wife would chant while following me around the house. At the very core, this story embraces the magic of those fleeting moments one experiences with an infant before the next stage of childhood arrives.
My images combine a traditional, off-beat pen-and-ink style for line quality with digital ink and color. This unique style serves to illuminate the warmth and lighthearted energy of the story and its characters.
My son’s love for books is testimony to how vital the ritual of family reading is in the fledgling years of child development. It is my hope that Checking up on Daddy will inspire parents to seize those passing yet vital moments with their children.
Note from Norman Bridwell (creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog)
Adam Roth has written a book that is very important to family life in this hectic age. His love of his child is demonstrated by this story of a father who wants to race home to be with his little boy. It should be a book every new parent would share with their children. Many fathers don’t have the opportunity to share quiet reading time with the family. Roth feels strongly about this aspect of family life.
His love of his son is very evident in this amusing story. In my own life, the time I spent sharing stories with my granddaughter is the most special time of my life. Buy this book and share with your children while you can. It will enrich your life beyond measure.
Adam is also working on his next children’s book, so stay tuned for more.

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