~By Wendy Zangari
I should have done this sooner, but I am praying for the Horn of Africa.  They are going through an extremely rough time right now as the drought in Africa affects about 10 million people in these areas.  People are starving and are eating sparingly, if at all, the children and families are suffering and what can we do about this?
Well the last time something happened like this, the celebrities started Live Aid and had a fundraiser, however when they found out that the money did not get to the people, I am sure they decided that this was not something that works to raise money for these people. So what can we do?  I am not sure, one article I read says to not send food, but to send money.  Other charities I don’t believe will use the money or food that we send them, for the people or for anything good, except to line their pockets.
I also read an article this past February saying that Africa’s land is quite arable and yet because we do not get anything from these people, we won’t help out of the goodness of our heart?  We do not give them plumbing or housing, most of these folks live in mud huts and drink filthy water, it shouldn’t be this way. Our Government all the way down to charities to media to banks to police officers.  It’s all corrupt.  They want to kill all of Africa and not discriminating between man, woman, or child. I pray that it rains for months at a time so that they can grow their crops and live in abundance for the rest of time.
I really truly believe that this is the works of the dark hats because in January of this year they had an abundance of food and needed to export it for money as fast as they could before it spoiled, and now they are scraping bowls.  Also they haven’t had a drought like this one in about 60 years.  Believe it or not this is something I am really upset about.  How is it that people throw food out and these people are starving?  What is wrong with this world and this picture?
Let’s send all the love and light we can muster up for these people and pray for rain, pray for clean water, pray for food and pray that their crops get re-planted.  You can do a lot with thought.

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