~By Wendy Zangari
I want to start a project that was inspired by Lilou Mace at http://www.cocreatingourreality.com/ .  This project entails us to write down all of the things we are grateful for, things we want to see change and attract, and things you want to improve on, in your life.
What is usually done with this project is for us to make a vision board, this is something that you create as a collage to show yourself visual images of your goals.  This is how we can attain our goals and be free to create our own future. For me, I am going to be doing this in 3 areas of my life, per segment.
Three things I am grateful for in my life:
  1. Spouse/Family/Pets
  2. A roof over my head/Clean water (better than some)/Food to eat/Clothes to wear
  3. Nature/All of it’s inhabitants
Wendy’s 100 Day Challenge:
Three things I want to attract in my life in 100 days:
  1. Healthy living/Eating better/Stop Smoking/Exercise
  2. Start writing my book/Write 100 pages
  3. Friendlier atmosphere in and outside of my house/No yelling
Three things I want to change about myself in 100 days:
  1. I want to lose 20 – 30 pounds/Self-esteem
  2. I want to be able to clean my home, inside and outside/A clean home is a start to a sound mind
  3. I want to meditate daily/Less stress
I will be posting my daily diary here http://www.youtube.com/user/ReadyForTheShift for all of you to see the progress we make.  Greg will be posting his there as well, in a separate playlist and might not post daily video’s due to his circumstances, but we will see.
What are your goals and aspirations?  What do you want to see manifest in your life?  What do you want to change about yourself?  I would love for you guys to send me your video links when you start doing this with us.  Please send them to wendy [at] readyfortheshift [dot] com.
This is an exciting time, and we are all going through so many changes right now, embrace them and relish in the fact that our world is getting smaller and smaller as all of us connect with one another.  Embrace the fact that we are going to be ascending with Gaia and we will not leave our bodies, but live in a new dimension, with a new law, the law of attraction.
The first video is a trailer of the movie, The Secret, that I watched with Greg last night.  It is a MUST SEE!  The second video is just a wonderful video I found on Lilou Mace’s site.  She has some very interesting videos on her site, which include a lot of her interviews on her voyages throughout the US right now plus plenty of spirituality videos, she could keep you at her site all day. 🙂 Please check out her other site as well at http://www.liloumace.com  .  


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